Texas A&M’s Athletic Director Leaves for LSU

by Claire Coburn

Athletic Director Scott Woodward has announced his departure from Texas A&M and will be heading back to his alma mater Louisiana State University. His absence has left Aggie fans wondering what will be the future of Jimbo Fisher, considering the two’s history. Woodward initially hired Jimbo after his decade long run as head coach for the Florida State Seminoles. This decision comes after LSU’s athletic director was reassigned to donor relations, leaving the athletic director position open for grabs. Fans never thought Woodward would jump on this opportunity, especially seeing that just last August in an interview with the Houston Chronicle he stated “I have no intention and no desire to go anywhere else,” and even continued on by commenting “People forget that I’ve been gone (nearly) 15 years now. I love it here. I love the people, the university and the commitment to education. Until they don’t want me, I want to be here.”

Jimbo might see LSU in the near future with Woodward now gone, seeing that in his contract there is no buyout clause, meaning he could walk away from his job as head coach of Texas A&M without anyone buying out his contract, leaving neither side to owe anything. However, with a $7.5 million dollar contract to be paid over the span of a decade, some are skeptical that Jimbo will leave without his bag of cash, especially considering that Ed Orgeron, the current head coach at LSU, has a salary of $3.5 million, a whopping four million less than Jimbo.

Financially speaking, Woodward doesn’t have a bright history, leaving the University of Washington with a massive debt of $14.8 million at the time of his departure. With that said, he will not have massive debt leaving A&M, as their governing board was strict on spending considering his past. As for who will be his replacement, no names have been thrown around with any significance yet, but the hiring of the new athletic director will more than likely be in the hands of Jimbo himself, as he is one of the highest paid college coaches and is only in his second year of his contract.
Claire Coburn is an Intern Writer for Pub Sports Radio.


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