A New Series: My 5 Best and Worst UTSA Sports Moments Part 2, By Jamar Brown    If you read my last blog (which I hope you did) you might think that UTSA Athletics have given me nothing but pain, regret and a lighter bank account. That isn’t all true though. Well, the lighter bank […]

A New Series: My 5 Best and Worst UTSA Sports Moments Part 1, By Jamar Brown   Another series, Jamar? Before you even finished the last one? Yes, captivated audience, I am doing such a thing. Honestly, you can probably put Pt. 4 in the Lost Files because who knows when I’m going to feel […]

UTSA’s Stable of QBs Ever since Dalton Sturm left, UTSA has been searching for a legitimate answer at quarterback. I was sent a tweet this morning from my friend Ben that got the creative juices flowing. The tweet was from one of the many QBs on UTSA’s roster, Lowell Narcisse. In the tweet, Narcisse says, […]

The beginning of any new leadership term is marked by one common denominator, hope. Hope that things will be better than they were before and hope that a change in leadership will lead to different results. This hope has become lit again with the hiring and arrival of new head football coach Jeff Traylor.  Coach […]

Let me be Frank… After North Texas’ demoralizing beat down of our Roadrunners, UTSA’s head football coach Frank Wilson has cemented his place in the proverbial hot seat.  Barring some crazy events of divine intervention, the Frank Wilson era at UTSA appears to be coming to an end, much to the joy of many and […]

Now that we’ve had the weekend to mull over it and let the experience soak in, we need to talk about Friday. One of the first things that Joe ever told me when I came to UTSA is that this school is a meme. They just do some things every once in a while that […]

This past Saturday, football returned to the Alamo City. For the first time in their young existences, The Roadrunners of UTSA and the Cardinals of UIW clashed in the first-ever Hometown Showdown, which many are calling the Hometown Beatdown because let’s be honest it wasn’t exactly a competitive game. After the Runners got off to […]

On naming sophomore Frank Harris the starting quarterback for UIW …  “Frank Harris will be the starter. A very, very tough decision for us. We thought that it was very competitive. There were days where other guys looked very well. We do believe that we have four quarterbacks that are competent and prepared enough to go into a […]

A coworker of mine recently published a blog stating that UTSA should consider moving on from Coach Henson and pursue the slimy ball of gunk that is Rick Pitino. This is the most violently stupid take I’ve seen in a very long time. UTSA does not need to worry about gaining national attention or being […]

Welcome to the Opinion Island. This is a place where I, Jose Bouquett (@josebouquett) will write out some random sports takes that I genuinely believe and hope with each inch of my body will happen. The first island we travel to has a whole heaping of Italian food, smells like hair gel and has a […]

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