Hot Topics with Donnie RightSide and Jeff Nadu: The NFL Draft

St. Patrick’s Day, a date synonymous with partying, drinking and eating multiple servings of corned beef and cabbage, yet for some fans this is the day of reckoning because NFL Free Agency is upon us and through two days it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions. Let’s start with the Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys fans love Jason […]

Another week, another dry running back pool. That’s life in Week 8 of a fantasy football season. If you’ve been paying attention here, you’re probably not sweating it, because you’ve already scooped up some great options throughout the year. Maybe say, last weeks RB1 (150 total yards and 3TDs) and a feature here 2 weeks ago, Chase Edmonds. […]

Steelers O9.5 Wins -110 (2U) I expect Big Ben and company to be highly motivated this season after a disastrous season both on and off the field. The Steelers schedule sets up very nicely after the first few weeks and I have them penciled in for 11 wins this season.  Seahawks U8.5 -105 (2U) I […]

In the last decade the NFC West has been known by many football fans as the toughest, or one of the toughest divisions in the National Football League. Primarily dominated by the Seahawks, led by Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson and the Legion of Boom for many years. The 49ers, led by Patrick Willis, Navarro Bowman and […]

It’s almost July and we inch closer and closer to pigskin. I’m almost tired of the heat already and dying for some football. Lets talk Big Ten and to be honest, I’m super excited for this conference this year. It looks as if the domination of the Buckeyes might subside and with big time offensive […]

I love Top Ten lists. So to start my series of Top Ten lists I decided to go with something very close to my heart, NFL Uniforms. In the past many of my friends have ridiculed me for my undying love of uniforms of all sorts Band, Baseball, Hockey, and of course Football. I love […]

Dear Roger Goodell,   You do a great job being the Commissioner of the most flawlessly run organization in sports. There is literally NOTHING wrong with the NFL.   The way you handled Deflategate was done with so much class and grace, I felt like you could’ve put more hurt on New England to be […]

I told y’all that you were gonna get two blogs today. Better late than never right?   First off, THANK THE HEAVENS. I’ve been saying it all off season, DLaw deserves however much money he wants. He was the leader of that defense, and the glue that held that side of the ball together. I […]

AH9WEHWRGIONWvo’vwasrih’rwiohfbiia ihigh’ g ih’ g4 ijp gaiphj’ gwiphj ‘wgi h’pjwgih p’wgihp’gw ihp’gwr ‘pefbionljnbnojvwno’eaipnbeqipnbwqipnvrwg uo g4qg oh g 4hi g4 hi gwr h’igrw ih’wa’ gwwrig’ wri’ w’ihwgih’ pwgih’ pwgipj hwgipjh giphgh ip’agh ‘pagh 8agh’ 2agg4agh’ gaah’p agh’p gh’pigh’p4ghp’g   So now that I have that out of the way, let’s look at some of the dates […]

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