DISCLAIMER: I am good friends with the guy who made this album. He even used one of my guitars to record a song on this album. However, I will try to be as unbiased as possible for this review. Over the past few years I’ve been delving into progressive rock/metal a bit more, and I […]

Given how much I love music, you would expect me to at least appreciate musicals, but truth be told I really can’t stand them. When I’m watching a movie, I prefer it to not be interrupted by useless musical numbers that don’t need to be there. I typically don’t like the music itself either because […]

K-Pop boy group GOT7 recently announced their 2019 world tour “Keep Spinning” preceding the release of their new album “Spinning Top: Between Security & Insecurity.” The tour will visit a total of twelve counties, including: South Korea, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Australia, China, England, Germany, Spain, France, and the Philippines. The tour will […]

The Endgame Spoiler Ban has officially been lifted. This will be chock full of spoilers.   Was Tony worthy of final rest? Was Thor still worth being himself? Was Steve worthy outside of the bottle that made him? Was Clint worthy of having a family? Was Natasha worthy of being the sacrifice? Was Bruce worthy […]

Breakout boy band NCT-127 is currently on their NEO City The Origin Tour, and I had the opportunity to attend their show in Sugar Land, Texas at the Smart Financial Center. Starting off with getting into the venue, you had your typical long lines to get through security and to get your ticket scanned. Eventually […]

Yes, you heard that right, the band’s name is King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard. Anyways, I heard of this band back in 2016 when they released Nonagon Infinity. I was seeing positive reviews all over the place for that album and the fact the gimmick of all of the songs leading into one another, […]

San Antonio – Parents need to know that UglyDolls is about a group of plushy toys who learn they’re worthy of love despite their unconventional looks. While that core message is undeniably positive, other messages weaken its impact, including catchy songs that tell listeners they’re unworthy if they’re “ugly” and that it’s important to follow conventional […]

On May 2, 2008 my life changed forever.   On that day, my mom, her best friend, her little brothers and I a boy of 9 years old, we’re introduced to The Invincible Iron Man.   I remember it like it was yesterday. We sat in the back row, I had a Coke Ice-e and […]

Quick run down of our list so far. 10 Engineering Einsteins Bagels 9 Slice 8 Greens To Go 7 Rowdy’s Global KItchen 6 Chik-Fil-a   #5. SU Starbucks I’m gonna say it. JPL Starbucks is over hyped. Almost everything in the Paeseo is just generally better, not to mention the line is never as long, […]

The first real trailer of Joaquin Phoenix’s take on the iconic character looks INCREDIBLE. I’m a big Phoenix fan so anything he does I’m usually a fan of. Watch it here.   Not only does he make the Clown Prince of Crime out to be a deranged, beaten psychopath, he does it with so much […]

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