Hello friends.
Since very little happened in the sports world today, and since there’s no UTSA basketball game this week, me and my cohort Austin decided that it would be in my best interest to start a series of poems, rap verses/hooks, limericks, and haiku. (Don’t worry y’all I looked it up. The plural form of the word haiku is just haiku) Whenever there’s nothing to blog about, I’ll simply write a poem. So here goes nothing.
Haiku #1
I Don’t Like Houston
I Do Not Like Houston Or
Limerick #1
There once was a man in Helotes
He studied for a test on mitosis
He was startled at the fact
that he couldn’t act
So he decided to run for POTUS
Rap Hook #1
All the folks in the 2-1-0
You’re my city
like the Bronx and DiNiro
If i had a dollar
I might buy dinner
But I have no money
Ergo I look thinner
*Record Scratch*
Poem #1
Blossoms fall like April rain
The season over begins my pain
A long hot summer awaits with boredom
To poetry I might as well be Jordan
Robbie Cold got nothin’ on me
They call me rhymin’ Joe
The Poetry OG
*Volley of Snaps*
Hopefully you understand the nuance of poetry the way that I do. If you don’t, don’t even bother reading these.
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