Taco Joe’s Must Binge TV Show of the Month: January 2020: Brockmire

by Taco Joe

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Baseball fans, comedy fans, and really anyone who is a fan of a compelling human story should be in on Brockmire.

The show revolves around Jim Brockmire, played by Hank Azaria from Simpsons fame, and his life as a Pro Baseball broadcaster. He’s a raging alcoholic with a wicked lack of tack and political correctness who is always ready to talk about a wide range of weird, lewd and raunchy things.

The show begins with his grand mishap, the day he found out his wife had been cheating on him. At the time he was the Royals head broadcaster, so when Kansas City took the field that day Brockmire took the mic and went on a drunken tirade of self-loathing and hatred of his wife. He then goes to Southeast Asia for several years only to come back and realize that people in the US have changed greatly since he left, while baseball and booze have stayed the same.

The magic of this show is when Brockmire is calling games in the booth. Hank Azaria’s ability to paint a disgusting and vivid picture of a brothel in Las Vegas while also explaining the hitting percentages of the players at bat is masterful and downright hilarious. Brockmire goes on all sorts of hilarious and rude rampages while calling a game that just makes you wish that’s how baseball was actually called. While the story at times seems hopeless, because a lot of the time it is, Jim’s passion for the game he loves and the help of his friends give this show more heart than you’d expect from an IFC program.

This show takes a look at America that most people don’t appreciate enough. It looks at the grimy, dirty, spit covered, and very real world of Baseball, and says no one is above the great American Past Time.

If you have Hulu, all three seasons of Brockmire are currently streaming, I suggest you start as soon as you get home.

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