Taco Joes Top Tens: All Time NFL Uniforms

by Taco Joe

I love Top Ten lists. So to start my series of Top Ten lists I decided to go with something very close to my heart, NFL Uniforms.

In the past many of my friends have ridiculed me for my undying love of uniforms of all sorts Band, Baseball, Hockey, and of course Football. I love team colors, logos, alternate uniforms, throwbacks, I just flat out adore all things having to do with uniforms. I have no clue why, but I’ve always been like this. So in the first ever Taco Joe’s Top Tens, I present to you NFL Uniforms.

Note: This list is purely based on how much I like the uniform.

10. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Creamsicles

Look if there is any one NFL franchise I know the least about its the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Honestly i forget that they are even a team at times. As pathetic and irrelevant this team may be (Sorry E) one thing is absolutely certain, The Buccaneers Creamsicle Jersey is an all time classic. A stark opposite of their AFC counterpart pirate based team, (The Raiders we’ll get to them soon), this jersey screams jovial and free spirited marauders. This shade of orange highlighted with the white and red just look so darn cool, and when watching the Bucs in the Tampa heat make you feel as though you’re eating an ice cream, not watching this poor franchise melt before you. The logo for this eras uniforms was the suave and handsome sailor with a haughty feathered hat atop his head and a dagger in his mouth. The only reason its the last place on this list is because its a throwback that we rarely get to see anymore.

9. The Steelers Black tops and Yellow Pants

There is something to be said about the black and yellow. it’s simple, its in your face, and it represents the steel city so well that all three sports teams in that city use this color scheme. I love everything about this uniform, the discord between the black and the yellow, what the logo on the helmet means, the fact that only one side has a logo on it at all in homage to the days of football’s yore, there’s just so much to love about this uniform. The Steelers are one of the NFL’s crown jewels, and one of the oldest teams in the league, this being said their main uniform is a classic and deserves a spot on any top ten NFL Uniform list.

8. Denver Bronco Orange tops and White Pants

This is actually a very hard pick for me given how much I adore throwback uniforms, cause when it comes to throwbacks, few teams do it better than Denver. This being said the new-age Orange Blue and White are really something to behold. The way this color combination pops out at you is just fantastic. The logo is so fierce and angry looking that any rodeo man worth their weight would be scared to tame this Bucking Bronco.

7. The Green Bay Packers Acme Packer Co. Throwbacks

It’s so simple. Its so polite. It’s also packed (hehe) with history and class. This uniform perfectly encapsulates everything that the Green Bay Packers stand for, a hard days work, burlap, cheese, and Football.

6. San Francisco 49er’s 90’s era pop out jerseys

The Niners are a classic franchise. They have classic moments, classic players, and one of the best classic jerseys of all time. When San Francisco was winning all their Super Bowls they wore in my opinion one of the all time best jerseys, what I like to call the Pop Out Jerseys. I call them this because the numbers on the front and back of the jerseys have a black shadow behind them giving them a popping effect that think is so radically different than what most NFL uniforms are that it will always hold a special place in my heart.

5. The “Oakland” Raiders Black Tops and Silver Pants

The Raiders of old where a bunch of evil, vile, cheaters who won at all costs and didn’t care who they hurt when they came through town. Kenny Stabler (shown above) used to get the numbers of the heated rival Bronco’s cheerleaders before kickoff, they’d use stick-um, a glue like substance to enhance the likelihood of catching less than ideal passes, all the while laughing in your face when they did it. The Raiders are the Batman to the Cowboys Superman, the night to their day. The Raiders are a bunch of villains, a horde of loudmouth, drunkards out to burn your city to the ground, and beat your football team while their at it, and the simple black and silver color scheme with the weathered old one eyed pirate as their logo portray this in a way no other colors could. I chose this picture because there was no color when it came to the Raiders, there was no race. it was simply black shirts, silver hats and a bad attitude. The only reason they are number five is because the top four are just unbeatable.

4. The Houston Oilers Luv Ya Blue

Everyone knows I hate the Texans, and many believe that its just cause they are from Houston. While that may be true a large reason why I hate the Texans so much is that they replaced the Oilers as the other Texas team. Granted I wasn’t alive to ever see an Oiler game, but the stories my dad has told me about Bud and Warren and the great Earl Campbell and how the cleaning lady wrote the immortal words “Luv Ya Blue” in the locker room after a game to tell the team how much the people of Houston cared will always be with me. But this is a uniform list, so here we go. Luv Ya Blue is the best color in the world. with the red and white highlighting it this uniform literally matches up with some of, if not the best uniforms in all of sports. The only reason its #4 is that this team for all intents and purposes no longer exists in the same fashion it once did, and whenever the Titans use this uniform it feels like they are playing with a corpse. Perhaps I love this uniform so much because it can never be replicated the way it was back when the Oilers were Texas team.

3. Los Angeles Rams “Throwbacks”

There is a reason the Rams where the first team to put a logo on a helmet, and that’s because this helmet is AWESOME. The Eagles and the Vikings tried to imitate this in their own way but they just fall short to how incredible this helmet looks. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a big fan of simplicity when it comes to Uniforms, and this uniform is simple, but its still so ornamented. Plus the way the gold pops out from the blue is so stunning that the Rams used this uniform when they played the next team on our list in last years Super Bowl.

2. New England Patriots Full Body Elvis

We as football fans have grown so accustomed to seeing this team every February. Their regular uniforms are great, but nothing beats their alternate red throwbacks. Its just so different than what we are used to with the Pats, we almost forget that red is one of their colors. But when they bust this beauty out, we are reminded of the reason Red comes first when we say red, white, and blue, and that is because red, POPS. This with arguably the most detail oriented logo of all time, the Full body patriot dressed in his tri-tip hat, knickers, and blue coat in the stance of a center is just breathtaking. I love this uniform, but there’s only one that can beat it.

1. The Dallas Cowboys White tops and Silver pants

They don’t call them America’s team for nothing. Ain’t it pretty?

Blue, White, and Silver, three colors that alone seem bare, but together make up the greatest uniform in sports. Since the Blue Cowboy jerseys are cursed, the Boy’s wear their “Away” Whites as much as possible. Given the teams popularity and international media coverage, every home in the world knows what that Star represents. This uniform is so iconic that Apple Pie, and Blue Jeans compare themselves to it when saying how American they are. This being said I’m a homer, HOWEVER I do truly believe there is no better NFL jersey than this one. Its unmatched in terms of class and elegance, and every child in the US dreams of wearing it. No one wants to wear wings or the letters NY on their helmet. Given the choice, every kid wants the Star.

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