Ahhhhhh national Joe day. A day to appreciate the steadfast, reliable, and just all around good name of Joe. It’s a fantastic name that I proudly wear. I was gifted it from my father, who was gifted it from his own. Joe’s have done great things on this planet, foster and raise the young Christchild, Win Super Bowls, be a top five boxer all time, be one of the greatest Yankees to ever live, lead rock movements, even be classic characters on western shows, cartoons, and sitcoms. There’s so many to choose from, they’re are so many great people named Joe out there that I can’t possibly get to all of them in one top ten list, so I just decided to do the one’s that did something awesome in sports.
#10. Joseph Clifford Montana
Look I’m a Cowboy fan. Be happy he’s even on here. My dad might just skin me alive for even saying his name. Joe Cool was a prototype American Quarterback. He was a National Champion with the Fighting Irish, a 14 year veteran with the Niners, (one with KC) Four Super Bowls , Three Super Bowl MVP’s and a first ballot hall of famer. Montana was long considered the GOAT QB until Tom Brady came to town, and he was named the 25th best athlete of the 20th century. Joe Cool was a force to be reckoned with.
#9 Joseph Paul DiMaggio
DiMaggio is one of the all time greatest players to ever pick up a baseball bat. As a center fielder for the Yankees he once went on a 56 game hitting streak in the summer of 41, a record that still stands today. Joltin’ Joe helped the Yankees to 9 Titles in his 13 year career and is credited for one of my favorite catchphrases in sports. “I thank God every day for making me a Yankee.” Chills. DiMaggio also was a prototype for athletes for decades to come, always in the tabloids, the talk of the town, heck he married Marilyn Monroe. Joe DiMaggio walked so guys like A-Rod and Justin Verlander could run.
#8 Joseph Jefferson Jackson
One of the all time greatest outfielders of all time, Jackson was named the 35 best baseball player of all time. Joe earned the name “Shoeless Joe” after blisters nagged at him during a minor league game causing a fan to call him a “Shoe less son of a gun” the nickname stuck. Jackson’s great career was tarnished by one of the biggest scandals in baseball history, the throwing of the 1919 World Series. Even though Jackson allegedly didn’t take part in the throwing of the series, he did know about it, and was banned from ever playing pro ball ever again. Rumors circulated for years after that Shoeless Joe changed his identity to keep playing the game he loved. Joe’s ineligibility to play keeps him from baseball’s hall of fame, making this one of the most haunting stories in sports history.
#7 Charles Edward Greene
So in doing some research for this blog I found out that one of the few Steelers that I like, isn’t even really named Joe. However, he is from Texas so that balances him out. While at UNT Charles earned the name Mean Joe Greene. In a 12 year span he lead Pittsburgh’s Steel Curtain to 4 Super Bowl wins. Called the “unequivocally the NFL’s best player of the 70’s” by a fellow player. Outside of football he starred in one of the most famous commercials of all time. The “Hey Kid, Catch” commercial cemented Mean Joe’s legacy as a mean football player, but a nice guy. Check out the commercial here.
#6 Joseph Vincent Flacco
He’s Elite. That’s it.
Catch the rest of this blog, either next National Joe day, or tomorrow.
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