Taco Joe’s Football Weekend Roundup

by Pub Sports Radio

Taco Joe’s Football Weekend Roundup

By: Joe Rodriguez (@TacoJoe_)

Oooooh boy. What a long, magnificent, exciting (at times depressing) weekend of football. Starting with the NFL kickoff was a very Taco Joe friendly matchup between the Chiefs and the Texans, and low and behold, my sweet baby boy Patty Mahomes messed with his home state in the best possible way and sent the H-Town football club packing.



Next, off we had an exciting Saturday full of college football, and I’ll be honest with y’all. I only really cared about the Roadrunner game. Sure the Irish played, sure Texas played, but The I-35 Rivalry (if we can still call it that) was on national TV, and that is all I cared about.

From the jump, this matchup was exhilarating. Trading blows with back to back TDS was a stressful l of a way to start off a season, much less a new coaching regime. We seemed to be in control the entirety of the game, with at least a touchdown scored every quarter and star running back Sincere McCormick rushing for a program-record 197 yards. Our offense looked remotely competent for the first time in a very long time. It was a very new feeling of confidence about running the ball, and it was an even better feeling actually to see passes thrown in the game. While Harris may not have thrown the ball as much as some Roadrunner faithful would have liked, he showed grit and determination in the season opener, and in my book, has earned the spot as starter. I would like to see more of a concentration on the air game in the future, especially in this weekend’s matchup versus the FCS’s SFA, but all in all, Harris looked good for Week 1. There were plenty of first game blunders, missed blocks, dropped passes, and inaccurate throws; no real Spring season will do that to you, but Coach Traylor took a talented offense with a tiny playbook and won the game of the weekend.

The defense was another story, however. While UTSA was in control of the entirety of regulation, they never could get the Bobcats out of arm’s reach. Allowing 474 total yards in offense for TXST and keeping the game way too close for comfort showed that open-field tackling, a long-standing issue for our Birds, needs to be addressed this week. On this side of the ball, Rashad Wisdom was the clear cut MVP. With ten tackles, and what at the moment felt like a game-sealing pick-six, Wisdom showed that he earned that 0 on his back. While it was a hard-fought battle for our defense, Texas State had to work hard for many of their yards, it also doesn’t help much when the officials seemingly walk in two Bobcat touchdowns, but I won’t harp on that too much. The Roadrunner defense has a lot to improve on, but I have never felt this secure that we will fix the problems at hand.

Roadrunner Football was fun for the first time in years. I was excited; I lost my voice screaming out of excitement as opposed to desperation. We scored touchdowns???? This Roadrunner team is entirely different from the one we knew last year. Under Wilson, UTSA would’ve been down for the count after TXST scored in the first quarter. Under Traylor, we stayed in the game, put their noses in the dirt, and fought on. They’re tough, they’re coached well, and they’re going to win football games. As a Diehard Roadrunner Football fan, I’m happy to report to you; WE HAVE A COACH.


Oh, holy day is kickoff. The old faces in new places, stadiums opening, and the Football Team winning their first game. I’m so happy the NFL is back.

I started out watching the New England/Miami game, and I’ll say it, I was impressed with Cam and the Pat’s offense. Newton is as mobile a QB as it comes, and alongside Sony Michele and Rex Burkhead, the Patriots are going to be a problem on the ground.

After that, I watched New Orleans pick apart Tampa  Bay. While the score doesn’t read like a blowout, the game sure watched like one. Personally, I don’t think this loss was on Brady, but I do believe that he is still getting his bearings, not playing in the perfect machine that is the New England Patriots. It’s not like he had a lousy game; however, Throwing for 239 yards, 2 TD’s, and running in another, Tom looked terrific in this game for the most part. His receivers betrayed him, his offensive line betrayed him, and his defense had to play against one of the best offenses in the league. I think Tom will be okay, and I’m standing by my take saying Tampa has Wild Card written all over them.

Alright fine, I guess it’s time to talk about it then

Cowboys, Rams, Sunday Night Football. This one hurt like a ton of bricks falling on your head from the top of the Sears Tower from kickoff. Our defense looked incompetent, no tackling whatsoever, and it didn’t get much better as the first half went on. The second half, they looked moderately better?? I guess?? But it never looked good for the Dallas Defense.

The offense looked okay at best. Dak was throwing okay, receivers were catching okay, and the offensive line was blocking ok. The star of the show last night was Zeke. Elliot combined for 127 yards and scored both of our touchdowns. He was the offense last night. I would have preferred to see Amari get more looks; he was the heart of our receiving core last season, and still is. In his ten catches, he had 81 yards. We have the best RB in the league, but we also have a heck of a passer in Dak, and this offense needs to be a double attack. Ceedee made some excellent plays but ultimately let the potential game-sealing first downfall a yard short. People are going to be mad at McCarthy for not taking the field goal late in the fourth, but I stand by him. We need to be aggressive. We are the Dallas Cowboys, and it’s about time we start acting like it.

A Week 1, 3 point loss to a Super Bowl contender with a brand new head coach is far from the end of the world. Especially when the worst OPI call of all time stole any chance of tying the game near the end of regulation. There were many good things about last night. Much like the Roadrunners, I’m confident that our new Coach will make the adjustments needed to win ball games in the future. We still have the most talented offense in the conference; we just need to iron out some kinks. Even though they are down a few key players, I predict Dallas will look much more competent on both sides of the ball come week 2.

I’m so happy Football is back. Even if it’s this weird, fanless version of the Great American Game. There were times in May and July that I genuinely didn’t think that we would have a season, but lo and behold, here we are. Football is back, in this God-forsaken year, Football is back.  Hopefully, this means there are good things to come

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