For the first time in the festival’s history, SXSW will be holding a cannabis event hosted by the media company Cannabis Now. Founded over eight years ago, Cannabis Now is a media outlet that tailors its content to focus on all things cannabis; from breaking news, to medical advancements and breakthroughs, to policy changes and legislation, to pop culture, Cannabis Now covers it all. And now, they are holding the first ever hemp based event at SXSW. It will be a two day event aptly named “HEMP TODAY” and will be largely an educational experience for attendees. There will be panel discussions that will include influencers ranging from professional athletes to leading experts in the industry. The event will also include live performances, interactive exhibits, specific educational screenings, product showcasing, and exclusive lounges.

This appearance at SXSW is only one fraction of the range of initiatives that Cannabis Now has in store for this year, with the other major part of the initiative being the opening of their first retail experience that will be located in Los Angeles, California. The retail experience is designed to be educational and enlightening to those who are interested in the lifestyle, but also tailors to those who are already engaged in living a lifestyle that includes hemp. The experience will additionally cover beauty, health, style and fashion, wellness, and lifestyle. CEO and founder of Cannabis Now, Eugenio Garcia, commented on the recent release of initiatives, “After 10 years as a leader in the cannabis media space, we are excited to bring our take to this first in its kind consumer and educational focused experience. We look forward to the disruption of traditional cannabis branding which includes this new form of experiential retail.”

With SXSW in Austin and the opening of their retail experience in Los Angeles, Cannabis Now is certainly hitting the accurate demographic to a ‘T’, and their success is only expected to grow from here. Trying to incorporate as many educational aspects in their company will only boost their popularity more, and will also target audiences outside their demographic by debunking some of the stigma behind hemp and its uses. With this being a first at SXSW, it will certainly draw in a large crowd and will be a show stopper.

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