Summer League Standouts So Far…

by Pub Sports Radio Admin

We are only 3 games into the NBA Summer League, but there are a few guys who are making the best of the time in Sin City. Summer League is like any other preseason, it’s a fight to make a team or a contract for most.

Unfortunately for a lot of casual NBA fans, the big names are not playing. Zion Williamson, Ja Morant, Darius Garland and others are all sitting out as they are on the mend from injuries so as we look elsewhere, deeper other guys are stepping up and us basketball junkies love it!

Lonnie Walker- Spurs fans should be buzzing about the kid from Reading, PA. He’s been the best player in this tourney and looked like a man among boys. He dropped 32 Monday night against the Raptors and has dominated in every game he’s played in. Might be time for San Antonio to rest the prized possession, but for us we want more. Hes been unreal in LV. Look for LW4 to be the backup to Demar Derozan.

Kevin Hervey- How about the kid from UT Arlington? I know my college hoops friends remember Kevin and the winning he did for that school. He’s been terrific for OKC and really has looked like their best player. Posting a double double Monday vs the Sixers and really excelling on the defensive end, Hervey is poised for a spot. He’s averaging a double double in Vegas and for a team in OKC that’s somewhat weak at the 3/4 he could provide some help.

Tacko Fall- I’ll continue to say it, the gigantic Tacko is going to be a viable player in this league. Is he Embiid or Jokic? No. But I think he is a much more skilled Boban Marjonovic. He runs the floor well and has really developed an offensive game. He’s skilled around the rim, rebounds very well and is a lethal, integral defender because he walls the paint off and can cover so much space due to his length and massive wingspan. He’s really something we haven’t seen in the league in a few years. I remember watching him at UCF his freshman year then watching him this past year as a senior and the strides he’s made are marvelous. For a team in Boston that’s very weak at the 5 and the performances Tacko has given thus far, he should be on this team. To me it was a crime he wasn’t drafted honestly. I head the Tacko fan club, I have for awhile and won’t be jumping off anytime soon, it’s just a shame he’s on the Celtics.

Kyhri Thomas- Detroit may have found themselves a player in Thomas. The former Creighton standout has made his mark in Vegas. Coming out of college he was noted for his ability to defend but he’s become an offensive stalwart as well. In the Pistons first game, he dropped 26 and has been money from 3. He mentioned a chip on his shoulder after limited playing time in his first season with Detroit and it looks as if he’s taking his opportunity to make good on some improvement. in 3 Summer League games, hes averaged 15 ppg and continues to lead a surprising talented Pistons team in Sin City.

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