Still Here: The San Antonio Spurs Have Clinched their 22nd Consecutive Year

by Taco Joe
They counted us out. They said we were done, the wonder kid had up and left, Tim and Manu had retired, Tony moved to Charlotte, and we weren’t supposed to be anything.
For the 22nd STRAIGHT year, the San Antonio Spurs have made the NBA Playoffs. In the teams proud history, they have only missed the playoffs 4 times, never back to back. Los Angeles has missed 6 consecutive playoffs, Boston jumps in and out of the playoffs like school girls with jump rope, the only team to do this other than SAS in the entire History of the NBA is the 1950-1971 76ers. This stat pretty much speaks for itself.
On a personal note, I’ve never missed the playoffs. I’ve been in contention for a Larry O’Brian trophy for 19 (going on 20) wonderful years. This streak started before i was born, and I’ve enjoyed every second of it. I’m cherishing every play because no matter how much I want this streak to last till long after I’m gone I know it can’t. I get that things don’t work like that in most places, but this isn’t most places, this is the place where it is the most likely to happen. This is San Antonio.
We don’t play for MVP votes, or all star appearances. We could care less about scoring titles, and shoe deals, about the paparazzi and the press. In the Alamo City we care about one thing and one thing only, Championships.
So go ahead and keep doubting the Spurs. Take away our super stars, and hall of famers, we’ll take what we have, (and coach Pop) and make it back again. Don’t give us any credit, call us slow boring basketball players, call us a lack luster fan base, call us whatever you want, because when the calendar reads April, my still great team will be fighting for our 6th championship, and your “once great” team will be sitting at home waiting till next year.
They say that there are only 2 universal promises, Death and Taxes. Well I’d like to put a new one let’s see how it sounds.
Death, Taxes, and Spurs Playoff Basketball.
You like the sound of that?
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