I worded the blog this way because that’s what the game felt like, a team vs a player. As Kawhi Leonard got introduced, boos reigned from the rafters. The atmosphere in the AT&T Center last night was described as, “Intense and Finals Like” for good reason. The city of San Antonio felt spurned, no pun intended, by Kawhi’s refusal to play and eventually he was traded along with Danny Green to Toronto while the Spurs received a player who’s loyalty might be unmatched in the league in DeMar DeRozan and Jakob Poeltl. The game starts and Toronto is just flat, San Antonio races to a 38-19 lead after the first quarter and just kept that intensity all game long. Rudy gets a huge alley oop early, DeMar throws it down immediately with the message being, we are not losing this game. Bryn Forbes shoots a blistering 86% from 3 and the rout was on, Toronto didn’t have a chance. As the Spurs left the building, chants of Go Spurs Go! flooded the arena because last night’s game wasn’t just a victory for the Spurs, it was a victory for the city of San Antonio.

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