When all was said and done, everyone inside of AT&T stadium came away with the same conclusion: Mikey Garcia couldn’t handle “The Truth.”
Errol Spence Jr. did exactly what he said he was going to do in the lead up to this fight. At the weigh in, Spence, normally a subdued fighter kept proclaiming that this bout would be “a massacre”, while Mikey calmly would hold up 5 fingers signifying that on Saturday night that he would become a 5 division world champion. One man was right and that was Spence. The atmosphere was electric and even though Spence claims Desoto as his hometown, the crowd in Arlington seemed decisively pro Garcia as each boxer made their walks to the ring.
The bout started rather tepidly with Spence using his larger frame and reach to keep Mikey at the end of his shots with little pressure in the first couple rounds which unfortunately for Mikey were the closest of the bout. Things picked up in the middle rounds as the body work that Spence was using began to visibly frustrate Mikey to the point where he would force his attack leaving himself wide open for the straight left which was landing at a consistent basis all night. For every singular shot Mikey would catch Spence with, he was eating at least 3 to 4 in return which showed up in the wide punch stat margin shown at the beginning of each round. Things did not get any easier for Mikey as in the 9th round, he was just getting bullied and hit cleanly over and over again with hard punches. Mikey’s corner instructed him that if he did not fight back that they were going to stop the fight which did not change the course of the bout. Mikey did all he could for the remainder of the fight as Spence seemed to put the bout in cruise control over the last couple of rounds to preserve the biggest victory of his young career.
Where does each fighter go from here? Mikey Garcia should be proud of standing in there with one of if not the best welterweight boxers in the world for 12 full rounds. To go up to his weight class to attempt to take his title is something that should be commended, however, he needs to move back down to 140 or 135 because even though he stood up to those enormous power shots from Spence, those hurt and will have a lasting effect. He needs to take some time off after this bout to heal up and get back to his better weight class of 135 or 140.
Errol Spence in the post fight interview issued a challenge to Manny Pacquiao and wished for the fight to take place at AT&T Stadium later this year. Manny seemingly obliged but I would caution readers to not get their hopes up for that fight just yet. Manny is off a great win over Adrien Broner, but Errol Spence is an entirely different fighter, and unless Manny is choosing that bout to be the final one of his illustrious career, that fight should not happen. The next logical bout for Spence is either Keith Thurman or Shawn Porter and both fights make a ton of sense; two fantastic fighters who are legitimate welterweights and could perhaps pose some problems for Spence.
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