Slaughtering UFC bets and you should be too

by Jeff Slaughter


UFC ESPN 4 in San Antonio is 2 days away and being from San Antonio, as well as an avid MMA gambler, I couldn’t be more excited. Don’t get me wrong, this card isn’t that great. In fact, I was rather disappointed when it first came out, but being a sports bettor this card has grown on me. Cards like this can be rough but I see a ton of value and I plan on another successful weekend of winning big time money. The following are my personal picks for the UFC ESPN 4 card.

KLINDON ABREU -165 vs Sam Alvey

Abreu comes into this fight as a top prospect with a record of 14-3 including a submission win against Johnny Walker as well as 9 others with 4 KO’s. While Abreu is mostly a submission specialist, he should be able to handle the flurry of exchanges I believe Sam will bring right off the bat and get this fight to the ground. The problem is – can Alvey exchange with Abreu? Alvey in his last fight got “Knocked the Fuck Out” as Smokey from Friday would say, and that was against Jim Crute. I don’t believe Sam Alvey has the power he once showed or the chin. I’m all over the top prospect here with Abreu at -165.

WALT HARRIS -150 vs Alexey Oleynik

Walt Harris is coming off his fastest win ever with a KO over Spivak in less than a minute. Harris also holds a significant height advantage over Oleynik. These two fighters, who have trained together, are both on completely different paths. While Oleynik is at the end of his career, Harris at 36 years of age seems to have just hit his peak in the UFC. By far the more athletic of the two, Harris should be able to keep this fight off the mat and standing which will give him the huge advantage. I’m all over Walt Harris -150 in this fight all day long.

JENNIFER MAIA -140 vs Roxanne Modafferi

A good rule of thumb when it comes to a women’s fight like this is to always take the

over and that would definitely apply to this rematch against these two fighters. Maia won the first fight in a very close decision. Some might even tell you that

Roxanne won, but what I noticed was the difference in striking. I believe Maia this time around will keep it on the feet as long as she can and will be prepared for Roxanne’s relentless effort to take this fight to the ground which will be Modafferi’s only chance at victory. If Maia can keep this fight standing she will piece up Roxanne and win this fight by decision again. Give me MAIA -140 for the win.

The picks above will be my 3 heaviest bets, but trust me the action doesn’t stop there. I’m also on:

Pennington + 105

Hooker – 135

Hernandez -185

Good Luck and here is to a winning week.

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