Silent Hills Dirty Little Secret

by Pub Sports Radio

– Author: Rebekah Pol

When was the last time a video truly scared you? I’m not talking about a quick little jump scare in a dark room. I mean the kind of scared that you need to sleep with the lights on.

There’s a lack of horror games in the market right now, and with the spooky season coming up I think it’s time to bring in the spooky. So, let’s flashback to summer 2014.

On a hot august day, a playable trailer was released into the PlayStation network under the name P.T. (Later revealed the game was to be called Silent hills), supposedly from a nonexistent studio called 7780 studios.

This game took the gaming industry by storm, truly instilling fear into its players. It was later revealed that Hideo Kojima himself had created and released this game demo, that’s right boys and girls. The king of horror and father of the silent hill’s series had developed a new game to trump them all.

Youtuber, games, and streamers all over were making gameplay videos highlighting the horror this game was, and just how riddled it was with detail and Easter eggs. The game had been reported to have been downloaded over a million times. The game even won awards the months following, and it was expected to be a best-seller, however, Konami decided to pull the plug on the project, as well as fired its creator, Kojima.

Now this was 4-5 years ago, and there’s been a resurgence of chatter on Reddit and twitter of P.T. Sadly Konami isn’t going to bring back a beloved series, but a YouTuber by the name of Lance McDonald made some terrifying discoveries.

He spent 9 months digging into the code and discovered a way to peel the fixed camera off of the player three days ago. What he found while free camming was horrifying.

Lisa the ghost who is haunting and attacking you is always with you. She shadows you the entire time, making her haunting groans and cries. As soon as you receive your flashlight in-game, she attaches herself to your back.

Now McDonald admits that he’s made some other similar, terrifying discoveries but he isn’t quite ready to share them just yet. Which has caused the gaming community to wonder exactly what else Kojima hid in this game to make it the nightmare that it is? It’s been 5 years and more discoveries are yet to come and remind us just how haunting and twisted P.T. was meant to be. Just how far was Kojima going to take us into the madness that is Silent Hill.

Only time will tell, but if you still have your hands on the elusive trailer (PlayStation removed the game completely the following year) maybe load it up and revel in its dark genius.

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