Short Story Time With Jose: Helping Strangers, Stinks

by Jose Bouquett

Helping Strangers, Stinks

It was a chilly San Antonio night and of course, I am almost empty on gas. This leads to me go to an admittedly sketchy gas station at 12:30 at night which is already a recipe for disaster.

As I pull into the gas station, I see a female with a short-sleeve shirt, a backpack and she clearly looked shaken. That adds to the sketchiness of the gas station but I mind my own business, put my headphones in and start pumping gas.

As I am putting the gas nozzle into my car, female X comes up to me and scares the hell out of me. When I finally get a good look at female X it is clear that she just got into some physical altercation because she had blood on her face which ultimately led me to handing over my phone for her to contact someone.

As the gas meter rose, female X was near frantic when trying to contact someone. Logging in-and-out of all of my social media for her to put her information in and to what I assume is a ride home or to someone’s house to clean herself up. After almost FIFTEEN MINUTES with my phone, she finally gets into contact with someone and asked me for a ride to an apartment complex.

There was absolutely no part of me that wanted to take this girl anywhere. The phrase “Stranger Danger” exists for a reason! But as she was on the phone I could hear her say that her boyfriend was the one who laid hands on her so I accepted and prepared myself for an extremely awkward car ride.

As she was getting into my car, I heard a weird noise in the back as if someone had gotten in, I turn around and A RANDOM MAN JUMPED INTO THE BACK OF MY CAR.

Obviously I was shaken and confused and it only increased when he started yelling

“Who the fuck is you B?”

How do you even answer that in that scenario?

After stuttering over my words, Male X, who looked EXACTLY like XxxTentacion, jumped out of my car and started heading towards my door.

I’m freaking out at this point because I want no part of a fight with who I assumed was the angry boyfriend when I had absolutely no reason to fight this random dude. Luckily, I was able to lock my door before he reached it and tried to open it. He threatened me some more telling me the classic “I’m going to kick your ass, you’re done, etc etc etc.”

As he was doing this I noticed the car that pulled up at the next pump and an older Mexican woman came out and was yelling at someone. At first, I thought it was my savior to tell this guy to fuck off and to leave a stranger alone. I was wrong.

The Mexican mom was yelling at me! I was so confused at this point because I had been frantically telling both angry strangers that I did not know this girl and she just wanted to use my phone.

After two minutes of being yelled at by these strangers, female X got out of my car and tried to calm down both parties. I took this as my sign to leave immediately but I could not because they were standing at the exit.

This left me listening to these three yelling at each other and both the mom and XxxTentacion Jr. were telling her that she was going to go to jail.

After I drove around the circus that these three were causing my heart was racing. Did I just help a criminal? I looked at my Snapchat and female X was still logged in and had SIXTY THREE NOTIFICATIONS from Snapchat.

I don’t know what it all meant, I don’t know why I almost got beat up, but I do know this, never help strangers.

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