Yesterday, New Balance dropped a video on Twitter. The video starts off with a simple phrase “Kawhi Doesn’t Need The Cameras.” This is an absolute disgrace. Not having enough media attention is exactly why the coward left San Antonio. He wanted a bigger market but “he doesn’t need the cameras.” Maybe he doesn’t need them but we all know he wants it more than anything else. This commercial starts off appalling, but it only gets worse.
The second thing it says is that “he doesn’t need your hot takes.” Fine I, won’t give them. HOWEVER, had he been drafted by any other team, he wouldn’t be half as good as he is.
Third it says that “he doesn’t need to chase fouls.” I’m not going to argue this because Kawhi is an objectively great player, who scores on his own volition, without the aid of fouls. Man I hate this guy.
Then it talks about how humble he is because he doesn’t post selfies or sweat the comments, but isn’t saying that you’re SOOOOOOOOO humble just another way of beating your chest? All I know is that Kawhi is a humble guy who is comfortable in stating that fact in a multi-million dollar shoe campaign, which was given to him after he threw a hissy fit because not enough people where talking about him on Sports Center.
Lastly the commercial states that “Kawhi doesn’t need your attention, He already has it.”
In the spirit of the Boston Red Sox singing “Theme from New York, New York” all the way through their playoff run this post season, there will never be a Championship, or accolade that the Spurs get from now, until forever where I don’t talk about Kawhi in it. He has my attention because he played alongside my basketball heroes. He has my attention because I thought he was our man of the future. He has my attention because he had the potential to be my all time favorite player. He has my attention because he broke my heart into a million pieces. He has my attention because I’m scared to start liking any of the new Spurs on the team because I’ll just get hurt again. He has my attention because I genuinely believe that I like Pro Basketball less because of what he did to us.
Congrats on the Shoe Deal and the Spotlight Kawhi. I hope your soul was worth it.
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