SHAZAM! will make you feel like a kid again

by Taco Joe
Last night I had the pleasure of seeing the new DCU movie SHAZAM! I had a great time watching this movie. Where there corny lines? Sure. Was it a predictable plot? Yep. But what this movie succeeded in was showing what would happen when a kid gets superpowers.
There is a scene where Billy (SHAZAM!) and his brother are testing all of his powers, and it’s just flawlessly executed. When watching this I pictured what my friends and I would do if we suddenly received superpowers, and its the exact same. I had so much fun watching this movie and, like usual with comic book movies, when I was in that theater seat I wasn’t a college student with a job, grades to deal with, and the drama of young adult life to wander through, I was a 7 year old kid with not a single care in the world.
By no means is this film “The Dark Knight” but its a very funny and charming movie. It does its job and gets me through the slump til April 26th. I’ll go as far as to say that this is my favorite DCU movie. I might even go as far as to say SHAZAM! is now one of my favorite DC heroes. The only real thing I didn’t like about it was that it was based in Philly. I guess even they need a hero sometimes.
I suggest that anyone who likes comic book movies sees this movie. If not for you, see it for your inner 7 year old who would KILL to have superpowers. You’ll thank yourself for it.
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