Sean Payton has Coronavirus and Roger Goodell is to Blame

by Preston Ekdahl

Listen, listen, listen, we all follow Adam Schefter on Twitter so when the news broke that New Orleans Saints football coach Sean Payton tested positive for Coronavirus, I scrambled for an explanation as to why and how. The answer was right in front of me all along because if you are a Saints fan, scratch that, if you are a football fan, it is quite evident the sorcery Roger Goodell has against the team in the bayou. Bountygate really began this tumultuous relationship with Goodell. Gregg Williams gave his players an extra financial incentive to win a football game and the whole team was punished. Last time I checked people hit each other in football but not in Goodell’s utopian visions for how the game should be played. The Saints lost a second round pick in 2012 and a second round pick in 2013 while Coach Payton along with Gregg Williams were suspended for the duration of the 2012 season. What a surprise, the Saints finished 2012 with a 7-9 and failed to make the playoffs following three consecutive playoff appearances.

People will undoubtedly say what does this have to do with the Coronavirus? In retrospect it has everything to do with COVID-19. Year after year since those suspensions were announced, the New Orleans Saints have gotten duped by Goodell at every turn imaginable. Minnesota miracle, I’m sorry but Marcus Williams doesn’t just collide in to Ken Crawley like that on purpose. Maybe Goodell gave Marcus a financial incentive for that play. We may never know. The following year, the NFC Championship game, there is 1:49 seconds left on the clock as Drew Brees throws a quick out to Tommylee Lewis when Nickell Robey-Coleman blindsides him from behind and no flag on the play. This is what bountygate was suppose to fix Roger! Where was the flag? Saints go on to lose that game in overtime. 10 days pass and Sean Payton is giving an end of the year interview with media where he is seen to be wearing a Roger Goodell clown shirt and today is was reported that Coach Payton was the first person identified to have the virus in the NFL. Just a lucky coincidence Roger? You got Brady out of Tampa Bay but that was not enough to get your rocks off was it? Nope, somehow we have to get the Saints and Coach Payton. Well congratulations Goodell, you did it. I have no clue what’s up his sleeve next but I will not be surprised at anything.

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It must be noted that this blog is complete sarcasm, I am a die hard New Orleans Saints fan and have been increasingly frustrated year after year not making the Super Bowl since the 2009 season.

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