San Antonio Gunslingers Drop Game 1: A Barn, Packed Bleachers and Football Back in San Antonio

by Jose Bouquett

On a chilly Texas night inside the home of the George Strait Roping Team, a new tenant took rolled out the blue turf and made history.

checkout our Gunslingers Recap video for Game 1!

The inaugural season of the San Antonio Gunslingers (0-0) took place in the Rose Palace against the North Texas Bulls (0-0) in what was an extremely unique sporting experience.

The American Arena League (AAL) isn’t where you’ll find the next top prospect for the NFL Draft. These men are looking for a shot to play the sport they love and found it in San Antonio.

As you enter the Rose Palace, the intense aroma of horse feces, fresh concessions, and football hit your nose. Those masked and maskless packed into the bleachers at a pre-COVID capacity and cheered on as the Gunslingers took the field for the first time in their history.

If you thought the AAL was a defensive league, then all notions of that thought were thrown out the window as soon as the white football was kicked off. A final first-quarter score of 22-16, including Interceptions, blocked PAT’s returned for two points and hard hits set the tone for what fans can expect from AAL.

Fans rode the emotional roller coaster that offensive shootouts can lead to while the on-field product tried to sort itself out. From grounds crew being sidelined with COVID to repeated long official timeouts, the football could have been better.

There was no scoreboard to give people an idea of what the score was, the speaker system was difficult to hear and understand as you try to learn a whole roster of new names, and due to the grounds crew being out of commission, the field looked almost as bad as FedEx Field, home of your Washington Football team and graveyard to many ACLs.

This league isn’t about glitz and glamour; it is about playing a game you love to entertain the masses and enjoy a Saturday night out.

The presentation will need some work, but as the thousands in attendance would tell you, this is something they’d love to do again.

Oh, and the Gunslingers lost and fall to 0-1 on the year.

Gunslinger Game One Preview 

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