Pub Sports wants YOU to eat at Southtown 101!

by Preston Ekdahl

For those who don’t know, the studio that houses Pub Sports Radio is inside Southtown 101 Bar and Grill and earlier this week San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg established a law that all bars had to be closed for the next 30 days at minimum. This greatly affects us here at Pub Sports Radio because we rely on the public interaction within the studio to keep a lively atmosphere and to continue to spread the word of PSR to all local businesses and people. The biggest positive going forward is that Southtown 101 is still able to serve food from the grill so if you are in the San Antonio area, make sure to stop by the bar located at 101 Pereida Street where you are able to get wings, burgers, and yes even alcohol. That’s right, in a time like this you are able to still get unopened bottles of beer, liquor, wine and yes even kegs. So do us all a favor here at Pub Sports Radio and make sure to stop by and get some food and help keep the lights on for all of us. As always follow us online at Pub Sports Radio to keep you entertained throughout this difficult time.

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