Are you not entertained? The long awaited opening day has finally come, and was nothing short of entertaining. The day began in the East with the Yankees hosting Orioles and the Mets vs. Nationals. Both games started off with a home run in the bottom of the 1st! It looks like Robinson Cano is fitting right in with the Mets.
The day completely filled with long balls, 48 of them to be exact. Yes you read that right, 48 home runs around the league! Out of those 48, the Dodgers made history by hitting 8 of them.
Thus breaking the former record of 6 held by the White Sox and the Mets.
The madness continued as 48 was about to become 49 in the Brewers vs. Cardinals game. But in the words of Lorenzo Cain’s son, “Not Today!” Lorenzo Cain showed off as he robbed the Cardinals of a game tying home run for the last out!
This was only the first day, stick around because you will not want to miss out on this season! Keep a special eye on the New York Yankees!
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