OldManACC Miami-VT Preview

by Pub Sports Radio

Virginia Tech at Miami 

Ladies and gentlemen, we can officially label the Hokies a dumpster fire. Although we’re all shocked to see them this bad, it was fairly easy to see coming. The red flags have been present since last year, starting with star defensive end Trevon Hill’s very controversial dismissal from the team after the ODU loss. 

Then we have the busy Hokie offseason that saw quarterback Josh Jackson leave for Maryland and tight end Kuzmah jump ship to Old Dominion. The icing on the cake came when Bud Foster announced his retirement. So it is no surprise that VT has all but surrendered any hope they had at an ACC title run as early as week three of last year. 

A 10-45 home loss to a not so impressive Duke just solidifies the VT downfall. It may even solidify the rumors of the VT coaching staff having issues (other than losing). The other side of this divisional lopsided bout features a recently recharged Miami Hurricane team. Rested and laser-focused on VT, Miami should be licking their chops to go against this 98th ranked Hokie defense and turnover-prone quarterback Ryan Willis. 

Willis has been intercepted five times this year (versus eight TD’s), predominantly on the deep ball. Seeing how VT will probably be playing from behind (prompting Willis to air it out) I expect to see the turnover chain on full display in this matchup. 

On top of turnovers, a pressured Willis has proven to be an inefficient one and he’s going to feel the pressure Saturday. The spread for Miami makes sense here. Even if VT gets a big play or two, or a special teams touchdown, we can expect them to lose a few opportunities to turnovers and quick three and outs (the Fuente special- run, screen & draw). 

As far as the argument that the Hokie defense may slow down or stop Miami, then consider this- Furman put up 17, ODU put up 17, Boston College 35 and Duke 45. Miami could very well have their best offensive game of the year, which wouldn’t be a first for an opponent of the Hokies. 

Also, consider Miami already has an ACC loss in a wide-open division. Don’t expect Miami to come out and beat themselves to earn another one. Mentally, physically, and even emotionally, I can’t see Miami not having their best game of the year. 

One last note, guess where VT’s star DE Trevon Hill transferred after getting the unpopular boot from the Hokies? The U baby. We just might see Hill wearing the turnover chain on Saturday. 


Pick-Miami -13.5 (shop around but 14 is acceptable)


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