Oklahoma State vs Oklahoma, Bedlam Sadness All Over Again

by Jose Bouquett

Jump into a Mish-Mosh of thoughts with Jose as he recaps his thoughts on the 2019 edition of the Bedlam Rivalry, looks ahead to what’s next for the Cowboys and learns a valuable life lesson on gambling. 


Well, it’s that time of the year again.

That time of the year where I get excited, talk myself into an Oklahoma State upset of rival Oklahoma. I convince myself a team without their starting quarterback and star WR can beat one of the best teams in the country.

“Throw out the record books”, “Anything can happen in Riviarly Games”, quotes from me leading up to kickoff.

Was I delusional? Yes. This Oklahoma State team wasn’t going to beat an OU team that still features the best coach in college football and yet again, one of the best quarterbacks in the nation.

What happened Saturday night did not shock me, it only Hurt (I will never use a Jalen Hurts pun so don’t even think about it). I made the 8-hour journey up to Stillwater from San Antonio in what was going to be my first bedlam game since I attended my freshman year (2015). I’ve watched plenty of bedlam games before but the passionate dislike of OU was cemented that rainy night when Baker Mayfield dominated the Cowboys, 58-23, on their home turf to win the Big 12.


(Here’s a picture of me in a collage on that night, all those layers couldn’t stop the cold knife Mayfield plunged into my chest that evening)

Bedlam is special, as all Oklahoma State people know it usually brings pain. Mike Gundy is 2-14 against Oklahoma in his tenure in Stillwater. Yes, you read that number correctly. Michigan can’t wait to get rid of their coach because he has lost four straight times to Ohio State; Saturday marked the fifth straight Bedlam victory for the Sooners.

There is an unfortunate reality when it comes to being a fan of OSU, there is always a glass ceiling on success.

Gundy has lead OSU in its golden era, it just so happens to align with the fact that his biggest rival is having success only rival by Alabama and Clemson type programs. Oklahoma has had three back-to-back absolute stud quarterbacks running their offense. On top of that, Lincoln Riley fell right into their laps and smoothly transitioned into being one of the best offensive coaches in the nation after being the offensive coordinator of one of the arguably best coaches in Oklahoma history.

As much as it pains me to write this, Oklahoma has easily been one of the best college football programs in the past 20 years. And even when the stars align and Oklahoma State can develop star talents like Branden Weeden and Dez Bryant to beat Oklahoma, they fall on their face at Iowa State to ruin a potential National Title run.

That’s the unfortunate reality of what Oklahoma State has found itself in.

They can not fire Gundy as he is to0 valuable as a program manager (Shoutout to Kyle Porter of the Pistols Firing Blog for the phrase) to allow him to leave to potentially hire a dud coach to replace him. Gundy will consistently keep OSU above six wins, reach a bowl and win more than he loses in these bowls. But, he’s never going to be the excellent recruiter all Oklahoma State fans wish him to be. When Oklahoma continues to use the power run game, every single year, to bully the Cowboy defense and score touchdown after touchdown there really is nothing you can do at some point. Defensive Coordinator Jim Knowles didn’t come ready and the offensive was never going to keep up with a Lincoln Riley offense.

This year’s edition of bedlam began with both teams moving the ball down the field with ease as both teams scored a touchdown on their first drives. But you were to tell me that would be OSU’s only touchdown of the game I would not have believed you, not in a million years. But that was the case, the OU defense played well enough to hold OSU to field goals in the red zone which was never going to get it done against a top-five offense in the nation. A halftime score of 17-10 gave Cowboy’s fans hope but Riley ran the ball down the OSU defense throat and led by a guard and a tackle, Kennedy Brooks ran for 160 yards and a touchdown to highlight a 283 yard, three-touchdown performance by the Sooners on the ground. The collapse of the defense in the second half led to a final score of 34-16 leaving Oklahoma State with an 8-4 record and a 5-4 out of conference record.

What Now?

Well, bowl season is around the corner and signs are pointing to Oklahoma State matching up with Notre Dame which, I would love to see happen but the score of the contest worries me. The Cowboys might have stud Freshman Spencer Sanders back, but Heisman running back Chubba Hubbard might make a business decision and sit out the bowl game which I don’t hate for him.

Gundy is going to take a lot of heat this week for his Bedlam performance and record as a whole but it’s not his time to leave Stillwater. There is no clear replacement for Gundy that could significantly improve the program just by stepping through the door. The bowl game will be fun whoever the Cowboys may draw, I just hope I remember this blog when I decided to triple-down on bets on OSU for next year’s Bedlam.

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