Nothing Can Stop Minor League Baseball

by Taco Joe
Ahhhhhhh Minor League Baseball how I love thee.
Today was my first Mission’s game of the summer. For those of you that don’t know the Missions are San Antonio’s Triple A Baseball team, affiliated with the Milwaukee Brewers. (Believe it or not I spelt Milwaukee right on my first try) As all minor league teams do, the Missions rely on gimmicks, and shticks, and promotions to keep the money coming in, and I love just about every second of it.
Dollar soda and hot dogs, The kids get to chase Henry the Puffy Taco, some good old fashioned heckling, a battered but charming old stadium and of course minor league quality baseball! What’s not to like?
The Minor League is an American Treasure in my opinion, up there with carnival workers, and Little Ceaser’s Pizza. There is something so American about a grimy old ball park, seriously jaded fans, a dollar Coca-Cola and a bad hot dog. I’ve loved Minor League Baseball since I was a little kid. Some of my fondest summer time memories where going to “The Wolff” on a hot summer’s eve eating ice cream out of a tiny Missions helmet and hoping they would pull off a win that night.
Tonight was no different, I went with some friends, had a few hot dogs, yelled at some pitchers, and even got to see a couple of our guys rake. It was a great night, but the most “Minor League-y” thing that happened, was something that didn’t happen at all.
See, all day its been thunder storming here in SA and this evening was no different. All game long the threat of lightning loomed over our heads like the post game bathroom break we all needed. When looking at the field from the batters perspective (like fans at “The Wolff” do) you could see biblical bolts of lightning light up the night sky like 4th of July Fireworks, but did the Missions even consider stopping the game???
Of Course not, stopping a Minor League Baseball game for something as frivolous as a little bit of lightning is as un-American as not getting cheesecake when you go to The Cheesecake Factory. The Missions, looked into the eye of the storm and not only laughed in its face, but knocked out a few homers.
This was the first of many Nights at “The Wolff” this summer and I’m excited to see what the Minors have in store, cause you and I both know that
NOTHING CAN STOP MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL, not even a little lightning.
Image courtesy of Cincinnati Inquirer
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