Not once but twice: UTSA Twitter does it again

by Taco Joe
Today, one of my favorite things about my beloved UTSA reared it’s fantastically petty head again, and that’s UTSA Twitter.
Some person from UTSA at Austin was talking trash about our school. We didn’t like that very much.
What started as a few chirps from the German (@austinkid2000) and I turned into a full fledged assault on the poor poor soul who tweeted those retched words. Alumni, current students, everyone who could got in on the mix, and may I say we put her in her place.
Never again will she mess with Our Hills of Oak and Cedar.
Then came the helmet tournament.
A CUSA account is doing some summer football stuff. It’s a lot of great content. One thing the account decided to do was have a tournament of CUSA’s football helmets from throughout the season. UTSA, known for our simple helmets was seeded quite low. Much to the Roadrunner Faithful’s dismay might I add.
So, when the first polls went up, we rallied the troops and voted for our helmets.
Granted, this isn’t that big a deal, UTSA is too proud to admit that they don’t have the best helmets in the world, fine. (We won both of our helmets won their first round matchups)
Enter Squirrel man thing.
Whenever tournaments like this happen some fellow SOSA members and I like to tag the band in the post to get the word around to the members so we can win.
Squirrel guy decides to get his twitter fingers pumping and call out The Spirit of San Antonio (SOSA) (UTSA’s Marching band FYI) saying we need to get into stuff like this to gain followers because we aren’t that good. And that other CUSA bands keep their hands clean of things like this cause they’re better than that.
You can make fun of me and my antics, you can make fun of our football record, heck make fun of Conner Austin and Noel too while your at it, for better or worse we know “it’s part of the gig” as Sir Racha puts it.
But never, and I mean NEVER, disrespect the Spirit of San Antonio in front of me and my people.
To say I was on one is putting it lightly.
What came after was a volley of tweets from the Runners so incredible it puts past beefs like “lost in austin” and “sparkle helmets” to shame. I am constantly surprised with how much support we get from our people.
We appreciate the love.
The mean UTSA at Austin student deleted her tweet.
The SOSA hater backtracked hard.
Conner and I recruited a solid 6 people from today’s orientation.
It’s my beautiful mother’s birthday.
I consider today a win.
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