NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Fun Facts Part 2  By: Joe Borek

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NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Fun Facts Part 2 

By: Joe Borek

Since the NHL announced their playoff proposal as well as draft information at Today’s 4:30 PM news conference, I figured what better time than ever to put out the second edition of interesting NHL Playoff facts. Disclaimer, a very nice fan pointed out a mistake in my first set of facts that I felt bad for leaving out afterward so I wanted to correct it the right way as well. So without further ado, let’s get right into the facts and first correcting the one from the last article.

  1. Correction there were four teams that have come back to win a Stanley Cup Playoff series after trailing 3-0 not three as said before. Sorry about that folks, those teams are the 1941-42 Maple Leafs, the 1974-75 Islanders, the 2010 Flyers, and then most recently, the 2014 Kings.  
  2. Remember when the lights went out during the Super Bowl? Well, that also happened to the NHL in the 1988 postseason. It was in the Stanley Cup Finals no less, while the Bruins were playing the Oilers at the Boston Garden. 
  3. Ever wonder who had the playoff record for most penalty minutes? If you did then wonder no more, because the answer is Philadelphia Flyers Dave Schultz, with a whopping 42 minutes of penalty time in a 1976 playoff game against the Maple Leafs.  
  4. To expand from number three, this is not a playoff stat but directly related to Schultz. Dave Schultz does not only have the single-game playoff record for penalty minutes but the overall record for most penalty minutes in one season as well. That was the 1974-1975 season for a total of 472 penalty minutes.
  5. This is an obvious one for all my avid Hockey followers but wanted to point it out for people just getting into the game. In the playoffs, there are none of those pesky shootouts. Just the game of hockey. If the game goes to overtime it is sudden death whoever scores first no matter if that takes one overtime or 10.  There is no easier path in the playoffs which is exactly how it should be in my opinion. 
  6. Each of the 25 players winning the cup receives approximately 150,000 as a bonus from a pool of around 3.75 million going to the respective team to be divided up. 
  7. For those that do not know. The St. Louis Blues remarkable comeback run to the Stanley Cup last season, led by coach Craig Berube, was their first Stanley Cup victory in franchise history.
  8. The teams with the top two total amount of Conn Smythe (playoff MVP) winners in history go as followed. The Montreal Canadiens lead the pact with nine players while the Detroit Red Wings and the Pittsburg Penguins have each received five. 
  9. Continuing from number eight, only eight players born outside of Canada have won the Conn Smythe Trophy. They are Brian Leetch (1994), Nick Lindstrom (2002), Lindstrom’s teammate Henrik Zetterberg (2008), Evgeni Malkin (2009), Tim Thomas (2011), Jonathan Quick (2012), Patrick Kane (2013), and Alexander Ovechkin (2018).  
  10. Then last but not certainly not least, going along the same lines only three total players have won the Hart Memorial Trophy (regular season MVP) and the Conn Smyth Trophy in the same season. Those three are Bobby Orr who did it twice in 1970 then later in 1972, Guy Lafleur in 1977, then last Wayne Gretzky in 1985. 

These are just some 10 more Stanley cup playoff fun facts that I hope, everyone enjoys and helps them get ready for the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Let’s hope everything keeps moving in the right direction so that we can see some playoff hockey soon. Which of course is the fan’s favorite time of the year. Stay safe and well everybody.


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