NHL/NHLPA Agrees to CBA (If Ratified)

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NHL/NHLPA Agrees to CBA (If Ratified)

By: Joe Borek (@jjborek)

As reported by Pierre Lebrun and many others at this point, the NHL/ NHLPA has agreed to a tentative CBA extension. That tweet can be seen later on in the article. As Elliot Friedman reported in his tweet, now the CBA goes to vote, meaning the deal must be ratified by the NHL Board of Governors and the Unions Executive Board. Then last, it must be ratified by the NHLPA full membership. Friedman’s tweet can be seen below.

The deal is a four-year extension to the current CBA that will run through 2025-26 now. As reported last week, the CBA assuming negotiations are successful with the IOC and IIHF, also includes Olympic participation for the players in the upcoming winter games. That tweet can be seen below. 


Now into the fine line details. As reported by Lebrun and detailed by the NHLPA in their own Twitter release, camps will soon begin on July 13th in this proposal instead of July 10th, which would have only been four days away. This is, of course, because of timing. July 10th is not feasible anymore, and the 13th will work just fine as that has seemed to be the backup day all along. Players will then train at their home facilities from the 13th through 25th since the 26th is a travel day to hubs. Of course, as reported last week, the two centers will be Edmonton and Toronto unless something drastically changes late. The NHL has not fully confirmed this yet, but that’s likely because they were waiting for the announcement on the CBA since individual players required an agreement to think about playing. Now that they have that tentative agreement in place, it seems by weekend latest is when the hubs will be confirmed, now onto the last piece of information before we close out with the voting process and testing protocols. That information is when the heck are we going to return to games? Well, the answer is what has been floated around for a while now, August 1st, and for fans that are going to be a day there going to be jumping in their houses, since they can’t jump in the streets due to safely following social distancing. A tweet detailing all this from the NHLPA retweeted by Pierre Lebrun can be seen below. 

 Pierre Lebrun reported that tonight (Monday) at 5:15 PM Eastern, the Players Executive Board, also know as player representatives, had a conference call. They are the ones that decide first if the RTP-CBA agreement is good to go. If so, they then proceed to a league-wide vote between the players that could take up to 72 hours. So that is clearly why June 10th is not feasible anymore because players would be rushed back to camp even quicker than the MLB plan, and that just doesn’t mix with how careful the NHL has been otherwise. So there going to take some time to fine-tune the details and have everything get ratified (hopefully), then proceed on July 13th with camps, the 26thfor travel, then August 1st is when the puck will be dropped again for the first time since March in a meaningful game. I cannot wait for this day. A tweet on all this can be seen below from Lebrun. 

Lastly, it is paramount to point out how rigorous testing will be in the bubble as well as all who will be tested. Frank Seravalli reported the list of people to be tested in the bubble includes any player, coach, or staff member, officials, ice crew, security, hotel staff, and more. The full tweet can be seen below as well as the tweet with the number of tests required to do so in only the first ten days. The NHL is trying to be as cautious and rigorous as possible; that’s why they started with so many hub options then narrowed it down to what now unless a substantial last-minute change will be Edmonton and Toronto. This is another sage move by the league as Canada has had much more of a stronghold on the virus compared to the United States. In conclusion, the two tweets from Seravalli can be seen below. Also, it is critical to note, the review and approval process for the CBA will take place in the next few days, and there will be no further comment on the matter from the league until then. 


So all that’s left to say fans are are you almost ready for some hockey? Cause I sure am and all signs point to things going well as the league was able to agree in due time, so now all that needs to be completed is ratification and dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s. I have confidence this will get done, and the long wait will be over. We will be seeing NHL hockey once again come August. 


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