Heisman trophy winner Kyler Murray of the University of Oklahoma has an interesting decision on his hands this upcoming spring. Does he decide to sign on with the Oakland Athletics, the baseball team that drafted him to be on the team for this upcoming year or does he elect to put his name in to the NFL draft with the hope that he gets drafted early and can be a viable player in the league? Spring training begins mid February for the baseball season and the NFL draft is April 25th. On one side of the argument, you don’t have to run for your life from some of the fastest 300 pound men in the world. Meanwhile in baseball, you have to work your way up to make it to the big leagues and there’s a chance for even as great of an athlete that Kyler is that he might not make it to the top. If I was in his shoes, I would choose the baseball career each and every time because lets face it, one huge hit and his life can be severely changed, but this is definitely a story to keep your eye on as the draft process continues and money is the ultimate motivator.

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