COVID-19 and a Gambler: A Love Story

by Preston Ekdahl

The date is March 16th 2020, COVID-19 has taken over the sports world. The NBA, NHL, NASCAR, EPL and various other sports leagues around the world have suspended play for a month at the earliest, the only sport still currently in practice is the UFC but even continuing that seems bleak as the event has to be moved from London, England to somewhere in the USA on a weeks notice. Toilet paper seems to reign supreme as the highest form of wealth in today’s society. I am suppose to be practicing “social distancing” for the betterment of society, luckily for them I’ve been excelling at that since an adolescent. The one benefit to all this being a gambler is I can’t bet on sports I don’t know, unfortunately the Superliga Argentina is still going on, I’m looking at you Estudiantes but I digress. Let’s rewind a bit to what I say is the beginning.

March 11th 2020, I’m producing one of our many heralded shows here at Pub Sports Radio, “Strange Knights” where Ed and Steve Pena take you on a trip one would think only hallucinogens could take you when the news flashes across the screen, “NBA SEASON SUSPENDED.” I chuckle to myself this is a joke right, nope that French Giant Rudy Gobert apparently has Coronavirus and they have to shut down the league. I’m now in a funk, well at least I still have the NCAA Tournament. Nope that gets cancelled the next day and I had a trip to Biloxi planned. “Damn you COVID-19!” I shout to the heavens as I leave the studio, “This was the year, this was finally going to be my year. I was going to eat at all 100 Waffle Houses on Main Street.” Alas, it is finally settling in, sports are going by the wayside left and right. What now? What can I possibly do now? Let’s go to the grocery store. Friday night 10PM HEB San Antonio, Texas, toilet paper, deli meat, cheese, water all gone, they are blasting R.E.M. “It’s the end of the world” as I walk out of the store with nothing in hand. “Clever” I quip to myself before I settle in for a long weekend of horror movies and frozen meals. I was blessed to have a UFC event that Saturday and watched as I won and lost and had that thrill back in my life for a weekend night. Saturday night comes and while mass hysteria is taking over the world, I look at my catalogue and pop in Valentine and by pop-in I mean going on a streaming website and watching the film. Try and stop that COVID-19 you coward! The killer is wearing a baby mask or as the cool kids call it a “cherub”and always has nose bleeds, a real bad ass. It was adequate, but what’s a film without a delicious meal. HEB Taste of India Butter Chicken was not that delicious meal. It was a few pieces of flavorless chicken with basmati rice fancy word for white rice. I ended my weekend with 3 games of bowling where I bowled a personal best 138, no big deal and tuned in to “A Nightmare on Elm Street” which is a horror classic so thanks to COVID-19 I’m thriving. Make sure to keep tuned in to Pub Sports Radio on YouTube and online to keep you entertained in this time of social distancing.

While COVID-19 currently has my heart, ladies the DM is open @PrestonEkdahl.

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