NCT-127, SM Entertainment’s sub-unit of their newest boy group that has an experimental yet revolutionary concept has just announced their tour “NEO City: The Origin” North American dates and cities. They will be hitting eleven cities across North America, spanning over two months all together.
Debuting in 2016, NCT-127 has taken the world by storm, and it is only a subunit of NCT. NCT is an experimental group debuted by SM Entertainment that is revolutionary in the market. Their main concept is being a group composed of smaller subgroups, and as of now NCT is made up of four subunits: NCT-127, WayV, NCT Dream, and NCT-U. Although their concept is advanced, looking back at SM Entertainment’s groups, it seems they were testing out this theory before NCT was created. For example, worldwide success EXO was originally made up of two groups: EXO-K (for Korean) and EXO-M (for Mandarin). However, when three of the four Chinese members left EXO-M, they combined the two groups, and have since been known simply as EXO. So far, it seems as though NCT is succeeding where EXO failed, and SM Entertainment’s marketing for this group has been simply genius because they can reach more genres and age groups; NCT-127 is a more rebellious, rap based group; WayV is the Chinese subgroup; NCT Dream is for younger audiences, and the members themselves represent the age group that they target; NCT-U is more of an R&B and vocal based group.
It seems as though SM Entertainment’s genius plan is working out. NCT-127 has had major success with album sales, peaking at number one on Korea’s main music chart with only their second full album “Regular-Irregular” and charting at number two with the same album on the U.S. World Charts. With this massive success, it only makes sense that SM Entertainment is again ahead of the game by sending their top subunit on a world tour. Although only the North American leg of the tour has been released, the vast amount of culture and concept integrations included in NCT-127’s music, music videos, outfits, and performances leaves K-Pop fans across the world hoping that they will visit their country.
Claire Coburn is an Intern Writer for Pub Sports Radio
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