NBA Reunite to play NBA 2K Tournament in lieu of the Suspended Season

by Pub Sports Radio

The NBA is back … at least in the form of a videogame tournament.

We currently do not know when the NBA will resume activity; it may be in June or July. To keep fans hooked on the sport and create some entertaining in these tough times, the NBA has created the NBA 2K20 Players-Only Tournament.

This 10-day event will start on Friday, April 3, and will air on ESPN. In the tournament, real NBA players will meet in the 2K20 video game, and the best of all bettors who are hungry for action will be able to bet on the event.

Tournament format and seed.

The player seed was determined by the overall rating of each player in NBA 2K20, this rating is determined based on the player’s performance and value in the real sport. The first round of the tournament will feature 16 players in 8 matches. Below is the table of matches and the seed of each player:

Kevin Durant (1) Derrick Jones Jr (16)

Bring Young (2) Harrison Barnes (15)

Hassan Whiteside (3) Patrick Beverly (14)

Donovan Mitchell (4) Rui Hachimura (13)

Devin Booker (5) Michael Porter Jr. (12)

Demarcus Cousins ​​(11) Andre Drummond (6)

Deandre Ayton (10) Zach LaVine (7)

Montrezl Harrell (8) Damontas Sabonis (9)

Although this is not real basketball, we must bear in mind that most of these players spend a lot of time on video games on road trips, waiting in airports and while they recover from injuries. For this reason, we can expect an entertaining event where the games will be exciting.


The betting sites have not lost the opportunity to capitalize on this event and already offer options to bet on the winner of each match. Since this is not a traditional event, bettors may be a little confused as to which player may be the best option to place a bet, here are our recommendations.


DeMarcus Cousins ​​(11) Spread -2.5 Andre Drummond (6)

This is an exciting confrontation, Drummond declares himself as an avid gamer, in fact, he stated it in an interview with ESPN in 2019. However, in that interview, he clarified that he does not play so many sports games, and he likes more in the action-adventure games like God of War. For this reason, we see him at a disadvantage against Cousins, who is the face of the 2K20 videogame. Cousins ​​also comes with extra motivation to win this tournament due to the incident in social media that he had with Roonie 2K. During a live stream to discuss the tournament, Roonie 2K called Cousins ​​a d *” k head. Later Ronnie 2K apologized to Cousins ​​via Twitter, but the damage was done.

Pick DeMarcus Cousins


Devin Booker (5) Spread -3.5 Michael Porter Jr. (12)

In this game, Booker has everything in his favor. The player has even become famous on the video game streaming platform Twitch, where he accumulates a large number of followers and where he has shown that he takes games very seriously.

Pick Devin Booker

In recent years we have seen how the line between video games, professional sports, and betting has become thinner, and their paths are increasingly intertwined. The situation in the world of sports today due to the COVID-19 is not easy, and we really applaud and celebrate the NBA’s decision to create this virtual tournament. In fact, we see it as something that could be celebrated every year out of season.

The fans have received the news from the NBA 2K20 Players-Only Tournament very well, and it is expected that the event will have a high rating on television and betting.  




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