NBA Legend Kobe Bryant Has Died in a Helicopter Crash

by Jose Bouquett

NBA legend Kobe Bryant has died in a helicopter crash Sunday afternoon while traveling to Calabasas.

Five people were on the helicopter when it crashed and it is confirmed that all five people have died. The cause of the crash is being investigated but the shockwaves of this news are being felt throughout the entire sports world.

Several athletes have tweeted out their shock to the news.

The collective shock of the news has left the sports world paralyzed. Bryant was an icon of the NBA and became the new Michael Jordan for a generation of players. He ended his legendary career on the court with five NBA championships, two finals MVPs, the 2008 regular season MVP, an 18-time All-Star and a 15-time All-NBA player. Bryant is survived by his wife, Vanessa Bryant, and the couple’s four daughters.

This is one of the most shocking deaths in recent memory, Bryant will be remembered from his Momba mentality and deadliness when the game was on the line for the purple and gold.


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