NASCAR in 90| Supermarket Heroes 500 By Jason Paglia

by Pub Sports Radio

NASCAR in 90| Supermarket Heroes 500

By Jason Paglia (@KeggerCEO)

Who’s Live?

Kyle Busch (+400): We all know who the best in the game is right now, and that’s Kyle Busch. He is not only the best in the sport. He is one of the best short track racers in history. The last three years at Bristol Motor Speedway have been nothing but total domination for Kyle. He is excellent on every short track, but there is something special about Bristol. Dating back to the first race at this track in 2017, Kyle has finished in the top 5, four times, including three checkered flags. The only problem I see backing him today is the low price. You always want to get better than (+400) if you can, but it’s undeniable he deserves to be the odds on favorite.

 Team Penske | Joey Logano (+850) & Ryan Blaney (+1350): Team Penske had a great week in Charlotte. Between Brad Keselowski winning the Coca-Cola 600 and Ryan Blaney finishing in third place in both races, they might have had the best week of any race team. You would think Penske’s best chances of winning this race lie with Joey Logano. Bristol has been kind to Logano, with three top-five finishes the last six races, and he finished in the top ten 3 of the previous 4. At (+850), how do you not consider him? The Penske driver that fans have forgotten about was excellent in Charlotte last week. Ryan Blaney doesn’t have the credentials of former NASCAR Champion’s Keselowski and Logano, but he has proved to be one of the best young drivers in the sport. He has been so close this year, and at some point, he will break through and win multiple races this season. At (+1350), it could happen at Bristol.


 Jimmie Johnson (+2250): You have to admit that Jimmie Johnson has handled the last three years with absolute class. How many drivers can go from owning the sport for a decade and winning seven championships, to not winning a race for almost three years without a public meltdown? He has had a built-in excuse, though. Chevrolet has been the worst car manufacturer in the sport for four years. Hendrick Motorsports hasn’t won much of anything in years, but that has changed this season. The adjustments made to the engine package and aerodynamics have worked. They have had the best power on the track and have already won multiple races this season. This trend should mean good things for Johnson this year. He has previously stated that this will be his last season before retiring. It’s been over 100 races for Jimmie since he won a race on the circuit, but I think he gets at least one before he calls it quits. Considering he has the best average finish at Bristol over every other active driver in the sport, it seems like today is as good a day as any.


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