My NCT-127 NEO City The Origin Tour Experience

by Claire Coburn
Breakout boy band NCT-127 is currently on their NEO City The Origin Tour, and I had the opportunity to attend their show in Sugar Land, Texas at the Smart Financial Center. Starting off with getting into the venue, you had your typical long lines to get through security and to get your ticket scanned. Eventually the staff had to create more openings to get in, as the slow moving lines caused a delay in the show by about 30 minutes, starting at 8:30 instead of the planned 8:00 p.m. showtime.
The nine members that make up the group came out one by one and opened up the show with their hit “Cherry Bomb” in outfits that matched the tour colors rather than the original outfits worn in the respective music video. The boys performed a variety of their songs, ranging from chart topping hits like “Fire Truck” “Regular” “Simon Says” and “Chain” to slower songs like “No Longer” “Timeless” and “Fly Away With Me” to even songs that haven’t even been released yet, like “Highway to Heaven” and “Superhuman” the latter of the pair the group performed on Good Morning America.
The show as a whole was jaw dropping and unique in a way that I hadn’t really ever seen in any concert I have attended. From the outfits, to the stage add-ons, to the order of songs, the show was all around incredible. The boys themselves were able to capitalize on each of their strengths, with the vocalists being able to have their own stage, the rappers having their moment, the dancers lighting up the stage, and even Korean-American member Johnny having a piano moment. They were able to get the breaks they needed with VR in between some stages, and to be honest even those were pretty magnificent compared to VR I have seen at other K-Pop concerts. Some mimicked music videos, while others became interactive, with members popping out occasionally to play along with the recording.
Of course, they had an encore, where the group performed their unreleased songs, which will be released later this month on May 24th. After the encore, the members came out in the tour t-shirts, said their ending thoughts, and the concert came to a close. The lime green light sticks, which had been connected through bluetooth when the concert began, dimmed out, and everyone piled out of the venue. Overall, the concert definitely was one of my all time favorites. Jaehyun, one of the members who speaks fluent English, summed up my thoughts on the concert perfectly: “This tour is called ‘The Origin’ because in each city we go to, we consider it the origin. We start fresh with new unique stages to show you all.” This was a concert that will not be matched by any other simply because of how distinctly unique it was. And of course, Johnny, who had held it on all day, gave us a loud and proud Yee-Haw to end the night.
Claire Coburn is an Intern Writer for Pub Sports Radio, and Valamayo Social & Digital Marketing.
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