My first Tuesday Night SmackDown was Great.

by Taco Joe
Last night i had the pleasure of going to see one of my newest favorite things happen right in front of me, Pro Wrestling.
The fights where great, my guys The New Day threw out pancakes, Bailey beat up Charlotte Flair, then did Rick Flair’s strut to really stick it to her, I got to loathe Shane McMahon in person which was cool, I even got to see Otis from Heavy Machinery do the worm. It was a great night.
The highlight of the night for me was Kevin Owens, who i usually don’t like, bicker with McMahon and the Scottish Psychopath. He was really getting under his skin. When Kevin walked out, he was greeted with boo’s that would rival the ones that greeted Kawhi when he came back from Toronto. After some heavy antagonizing of Shane we where chanting KEVIN OWENS praising him for knocking that snot-nosed lump down a few pegs.
Also pretty much anytime the New Day is in the ring its entertaining, furthermore anytime they’re in eye-shot its must see wrestling. In one of the nights bigger matches Dolph Zeigler (ew) was Fighting the New Day’s Big E. Before the match started The New Day’s Kofi KIngston and Xavier Woods came out alongside Bryan and Rowan. From the stands you couldn’t really hear what was happening but before we realized it the New Day had stormed the Earths Champions and the fight in the ring didn’t matter. All four guys beat on each other till the refs finally threw them all out. What happened next was disappointing, Big E lost to Dolph, but the whole ordeal was awesome.
I’m pretty much all in on wrestling at this point, and July 14’s Extreme Rules is sure to be a highlight of the summer. That card is astonishing and I will continue to cover wrestling as i go along.
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