WBO Junior Middleweight World Champion, Jaime Munguia, was in a tougher than expected bout against undefeated Takeshi Inoue. Munguia won a unanimous decision on the judges’ scorecards which didn’t reflect the closeness of the bout as the scores were 120-108, 119-109 and 120-108. Inoue’s strategy of bum- rushing Munguia into the ropes and throwing overhand rights with reckless abandon seemed to frustrate Jaime. The first few rounds were relatively close yet the accumulation of body punches from round 4 onward seemed to be the difference. As Inoue’s work rate slowed down, Munguia’s shots started to land on a more consistent basis. Credit to Takeshi, he was in the ring with a very dangerous boxer in Jaime Munguia and took his shots, still standing at the end of the fight. As the bout ended, cheers from the 7,408 attendees erupted as the partisan Munguia crowd made their voices heard loud and clear while the judges’ decision was rendered.
Overall, the Munguia vs Inoue fight had to be somewhat successful for Golden Boy Promotions and Oscar de la Hoya because he finally saw Munguia in there with an unorthodox fighter willing to do everything in his power to win. Here’s hoping we see Jaime in the ring with a few more junior middleweights before he makes the jump to a GGG because at the age of 22, Oscar should not rush him.
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