“Monster” K-Pop group Monsta X revealed that they will be embarking on their third world tour on February 28th. They will kickoff their “We Are Here” tour in Seoul, South Korea in April, and from there will visit ten additional countries: Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, Spain, The Netherlands, England, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, and finally the United States. The tour will span a total of four months with eighteen stops all together. The tour announcement comes after the release of their “Take.2 We Are Here.” album which is a continuation that stemmed from their previous album named “Take.1 Are You There?” This new album has already been extremely successful, earning the group three wins so far on music shows, and gaining international attention for having a song that features American artist Steve Aoki, who has previously worked with K-Pop artist BTS.
Debuting in 2015, the road to success for Monsta X has been rough at best. Coming from Starship Entertainment (who is not a part of the “Big Three” entertainment companies that dominate the industry) through the survival show “NO.MERCY” each member had to endure various challenges thrown at them to “survive” and make the cut to become a part of the group. But making it through the survival was only the beginning of their struggles. It wasn’t until November of 2017 that they earned their first win on a music show, roughly two years after their initial debut.
However, Monsta X pushed through the obstacles that awaited them in the industry, and have managed to secure a sizeable fanbase domestically in South Korea as well as internationally. With this being their third world tour, the experienced group will now be a hard act to get into. Tickets and venues have not been released yet, but we can expect that their shows will be sold out.
Claire Coburn is an Intern Writer for Pub Sports Radio
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