Mayhem is coming Vault Hunters

by Pub Sports Radio

Vault hunters! It’s time to return to the borderlands!

On September 13th, this Friday (ha Friday the thirteenth) we take a trip back to sanctuary. Well pandora, then sanctuary III, but you know what I mean!

It’s time to fall back into the mayhem-field adventure.

Like every Borderlands game in the franchise, we get to start our new hunt with 4 new vault hunters.
Amara is the newest edition of the siren class, her abilities are more melee-focused as opposed to her predecessors Lilith and Maya. Amara can conjure up six telekinetic arms for ground punching attacks.

FL4K is the “beastmaster”, a robot who falls into our hunter class who just happens Mohave a soft spot for critters. FL4K can summon different beats to help aid you and your friends in combat. Such as Skags, Spidernants, and a mysterious new creature that can walk on two legs and has a gun… that won’t haunt me in my sleep at all…

Moze is our new gunner class, providing major D.Va vibes. Instead of the classic turret summons, Morze summons the “Iron Bear” which is a mech with a mounted turret that allows a second player to climb on top and take control of it.

Zane is our assassin class, similar to Zer0 he is known as “the operative”. Zane’s abilities allow the player to utilize a drone that will assist in battle dealing damage.

Now we also have some returning veterans of this series. Lilith (now sporting Wings!) Brick, Maya, Moxxi, Claptrap, Mordecai, Tiny Tina, and Zero will all be making returns, as well as Rhys from tales from the borderlands. Although one character for a fact will not be returning, and that is Handsome Jack himself. During the announcement of the game, he was confirmed dead. So I’m sorry fan fiction writers, its cannon.

Now let us get to our baddies. Our new antagonists are the Calypso Twins, Troy and Tyreen. The twins are the leaders of a media cult called “Children of the Vault” and have somehow convinced the bandit clans that they are their gods and saviors. Now they are on a crusade to weaponize their worshippers and claim the power of the vault which they believe to be their birthright.

So gear up and get ready for Friday Vault hunters, you still have time to pre-order last minute.

As always their different editions: standard will cost about $60 and you get the gold weapon skin pack, deluxe edition gets you the gold weapons skin pack and content packs containing character and weapon skins, mods, trinkets and more for about $80, and the super deluxe includes all of the above and the season pass which is for 4 campaign DLC packs and you get the exclusive Butt Stallion cosmetic pack for a lovely $99.99.

See you Friday at sanctuary III Vault hunters!

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