Mason Ramsey and Burger King Release a Song About Cow Farts and I Love It

by Taco Joe

There’s so much to love about this campaign.

First off anything Yodel Kid does is FIRE and this song is absolutely no different. I haven’t wanted to dance to a song this much in months. When he hits that “methaaaaaaaaaane” the world just seems to be a little bit better than it is right now. This song is crazy catchy and has been stuck in my head ALL DAY.

Next, we have a delightful video full of fair warning and fun, we see the cow kids doing tons of interesting things. The childish facade of this video sneaks the hazards of greenhouse gasses into the focus so well, making you smile while they do it.

Then we have the statement that the research is free AND open source??? Oh man, Burger King is lining em up, and knocking em down. I’m genuinely impressed with the mission behind this campaign and respect the Burger King company for trying to do something (even if the Methane reduced beef is only available in certain cities, till supplies last.) It isn’t going to save the world by any means, but they’re trying, which is all any of us really can do.

Burger King you have my applause here, I am 100% on your side, and I encourage you to broaden this mission and make it an industry standard and pump more money into the research. This is a good thing for the world, even if it is a small thing.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m going to BK for a #1 and a Coke, and I’m pumping my speakers full of sweet sweet Lil Hank when I drive over there.

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