On February 22 in the year of our Lord 2019 I met a really cool dude. His name is Mario Barrios (It rhymes, HOW COOL). So he came into the studio today and I, the man who has only seen maybe 6 boxing matches in his entire life got to interview him.
Here are some main points.
1. He made me the Official President of the Unofficial Official Fan Club for Mario Barrios.
2. He doesn’t like In-N-Out
3. He’s a Bears fan.
Mario is a San Antonio Native who has never lost a professional fight. I know like 4 things about boxing (and it shows in the interview) but I can honestly say this guy is my all time favorite boxer.
He’s our kind of guy. He loves the Alamo City, he loves the Spurs, on the back of his shorts/skirt in his last fight the name “SAN ANTONIO” was all that was on the back. He’s a fighter of the people, he’s a punk rocker, and I’m gonna go for it and just say it, My new best friend.
So next time you hear about a fight with Mario just know that hes my best friend.
P.S. I’m not in the picture because I left before it was taken don’t worry, he’s still my BFF.
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