Touchdowns, Home Runs, Slam Dunks that make you say “OH MAMA”
All great things that give a fan such a breath of relief and joy. We build up intense amounts of pressure before those moments, so much agonizing over every inch and detail, frantically counting every step the players make. That relief that happens in those moments, is part of the reason why we love sports. It’s a way for us to put all of our hopes, dreams, and energy into something that we ultimately have no control over. It’s one of the main reasons we ingest these games so much. It’s part of the reason why we keep coming back every season.
While TD’s, and Slam Dunks are fantastic, one sports fan experience sits high above the rest.
It’s filling out brackets.
The seeding is a whole ordeal in itself. Who’s in? Who’s out? Where is Duke at? What mid-majors are in? What’s the weirdest mascot from a 15 seed? I love everything about seeding. Then comes the regions. Are their rivals in the same region? Who’s your dream final four? Why is Old Dominion in this? All of this is so much fun to bicker about.
Then comes actually filling out the bracket. I love filling out the bracket so much that I’ve decided to write another haiku
Brackets are so fun
I love to fill out many
oh boy lets do more
There’s literally nothing I don’t love about filling out brackets. Just going Chalk? Dope. All upsets? Kinda dumb but still fun. Pick one team to win it then auto fill the rest? the best. Pick each game based on research and data? A great and mighty endeavor indeed. Picking teams based on a nonsense pattern? F.U.N. Pick each game just based on gut feeling? A great time! Brackets are the best.
The best part about filling out brackets, aside from actually filling them out is that it’s completely out of our hands. It is such a purifying thing. It’s nonsense, it’s lunacy, it’s unstable. It’s madness.
It’s March.
Come next week Duke could have very well lost in the first round. St. Louis could be favored to win the whole thing. There is no methodology in this tournament. It’s just sheer Chaos.
And I’m here for it.
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