The NFL Combine recently came to a close, where ambitious athletes across the nation came together to lay it all down on the line, with a final chance to showcase what they’ve got to NFL scouts. Some soared above the expectations people had for them, proving themselves that they have what it takes to make it in the NFL; players like defensive end Nick Bosa from Ohio State, who managed to blow people away even with an injured core muscle, and defensive tackle Quinnen Williams from Alabama who didn’t even start last year, or a headliner like Kyler Murray who lived up to the hype. However, some buckled under the pressure, and didn’t leave positive impressions. Wide receiver Lil’ Jordan Humphrey, who played at the University of Texas for the last three years, was unfortunately one of the many that broke under the bright lights of the combine.
Humphrey was advised by various people to finish out his career at Texas, and his teammate Collin Johnson even decided to stay and finish out his stay instead of going into the draft. However, Humphrey was dead set on entering the draft and making it to the NFL, but his results from the combine reflect why people advised him to stay. No doubt Humphrey is a spectacular player, leading Texas with 86 receptions and becoming the ninth Longhorn to earn one thousand receiving yards in a single season. At a glance, his physique isn’t too shabby either, stacking up at a whopping six feet four inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds. However, the NFL is a different animal, and Humphrey found that out the hard way.
Humphrey was one of the smallest wide receivers in the combine this year, and ran one of the slowest sprint times in combine history for a wide receiver. Additionally, he did not lift well either. But of course there is still hope. He is still slated to be a 3-5 round draft pick, and although he underperformed at the combine, recruiters understand that a single snapshot taken in a few days is not a complete nor accurate representation of an athlete in the long run. Humphrey didn’t show any obvious red flags that would immediately dispel him from being drafted, but he certainly didn’t leave recruiters with a strong sense of what he can do.
Claire Coburn is an Intern Writer for Pub Sports Radio
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