Austin, Texas – South Korean company LG Electronics has made its debut at SXSW, and has quickly become the main attraction. Adequately named the “Inspiration Gallery,” LG will be showcasing everything from new AI (artificial intelligence) technology to the world’s first rollable television. LG will kick off their stay at SXSW with a roundtable session that will cover how creative and open innovation can and will produce considerable benefits to their customers. This roundtable discussion will be led by various executives within the company, including senior vice president and head of the LG New Business Center Chul B. Lee, who has commented on their first appearance at SXSW by saying, “SXSW, where the creative and technology communities converge, is like a giant focus group testbed for new product ideas and concepts. We’re eager to provide visitors with the opportunity to experience our innovations first-hand as well as interact with global professionals and opinion leaders in the SXSW community.”

However intriguing the roundtable might be, the real show stoppers will be the new technological concepts, particularly the AI technology, that will be unveiled and showcased throughout their five-day stay at SXSW. LG will be introducing five new AI robots that are a part of LG’s AI robot line, called LG CLOi, pronounced “Chloe.” LG created the name through integrating two concepts: “CLever” and “Operating Intelligence.” LG’s AI robots are formulated to act as a companion that will be able to think on its own by gathering information from its owner and surrounding environment. These new robots will not only be able to detect the four main human emotions: joy, peace, sadness, and anger; but also has the ability to express those emotions as well.
Aside from the AI robots, LG will be introducing new technologies as well, including a personal ice cream maker aptly called “Snow White” and a clock called “TIME + SPACE” that has the capacity to know what the weather is like and what its user’s personal schedule is along with the time. However, the headliner of the new technologies will the the world’s first ever rolling TV, named “LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R.” The TV is the most awarded from CES 2019, and it’s easy to see why. The TV has a minimalist look with its magnificent 65-inch Ultra 4K display, but at the touch of a button can literally “rise to the occasion” to supply an in-home movie-like entertainment system.
SXSW is jam packed this year with people, companies, and artists around the world, so LG will be getting the recognition and visibility of a worldwide stage to showcase its marvelous innovations. The “Inspiration Gallery” will certainly be an experience like no other.
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