King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard: The Critical Darling That Finally Clicked For Me

by Austin Donnelly
Yes, you heard that right, the band’s name is King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard. Anyways, I heard of this band back in 2016 when they released Nonagon Infinity. I was seeing positive reviews all over the place for that album and the fact the gimmick of all of the songs leading into one another, including the last song into the first to make a full circle, was very intriguing. So I gave it a listen and…. it was alright. It wasn’t bad by any means, but I didn’t really have any urge to go back to it. Then all during that 2017, I kept seeing new albums by them pop up all over the place. I read a little more into it and found out that they were trying to release 5 whole albums in one year, with each album having its own unique identity. That would usually be disastrous for any other band, but they kept getting positive reviews for every album. I really wanted to get in on the fun but with each try I gave them, it never clicked.
Fast forward to today. Their newest newest album Fishing For Fishies released last Friday and I enjoyed the previously released singles, so I gave the album a try. Needless to say, it finally clicked for me. I actually understand why people swear by this band now and it’s great. So what changed? Well this new album is a lot more straightforward than their other albums with more solid and accessible grooves and catchy choruses. But what about the other albums? I’m liking them a lot more now as I go back through them, and I have no idea why. After finishing their new album, I went back to Polygondwanaland and really enjoyed that prog odyssey, and as I’m writing this I am listening to Paper Mache Dream Balloon and I am enjoying the softer atmosphere as well.
All in all, I guess this is just a testament to how you shouldn’t just shut out any band or artist just because you didn’t like them the first time. You may find a new favorite band and it might brighten your day.
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