Khabib can’t leave his location, fight vs Ferguson might be off.

by Preston Ekdahl

This is just great as if Covid-19 couldn’t do anymore damage, they take away what is the current biggest fight in the UFC between the top 2 guys in the lightweight division in Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson. As I woke up to check my phone, I saw the news all over MMA twitter saying Khabib can not leave Russia due to government travel restrictions in Russia. Fantastic, just fantastic. I showered and while attempting to put in my contacts, I proceeded to poke my own eyes, because evidently I do not want to see anymore. How big is this fight you might ask? This is Leonard-Hearns 1981, Tito-Chuck UFC 47, Mayweather-Pacquiao if they fought in 2011 big. These are the two best guys in the 155 pound division in the UFC and have been for years.

This is bigger than just one fight though because while watching ESPN over the course of the last week, Dana White has been shown on SportsCenter saying the show will go on and that they have a location for the event and fight. Now listen, I’m a gambling man but if you think I’m going to start betting on Madden simulations as if I’m Lil Wayne and Birdman back in the day (true story) then you are out of your mind. I need the fights to happen to get some extra income coming in. Hopefully Khabib can get of Russia and they can make the fight even though it’s less than 3 weeks away. Like the rest of you reading this, we all are going a little stir-crazy thanks to this Coronavirus and this was the light at the end of that dark tunnel. I mean just watch this promo and try to not get excited for this fight.

Now we still should be getting an event on April 18th as Justin Gaethje was offered to replace Khabib and fight Tony Ferguson. Is that as big of a fight as Ferguson vs Khabib? Not at all, but it is something and right now we as fight fans are just looking for fights. So fingers crossed we get something good to come out of this because right now Corona is beating me down and it’s just the beginning.  Join me in my misery as I watch another old Wrestlemania because evidently that is all ESPN broadcasts now while listening to the melodic harmonies of Daniel Powter. We will get through this but today was a tough one.


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