KFC Dating Simulator? KFC Dating Simulator.

by Pub Sports Radio

Hi, I want to talk about the KCF dating sim.

Yes, you read that right. KFC has a dating sim called I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger-Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator.

It’s akin to the goofy dating sim that is Hatoful Boyfriend, where you romance birds. Now the difference between the two is obviously the fact you’re not trying to get a date with a bird, but rather trying to date the Colonel himself. 

Whereas Hatoful Boyfriend has very serious undertones and extreme backstories. 

What this new venture into dating simulators is doing right, is not taking itself seriously, and plays on classic anime style tropes by adding a rival, and a Bestfriend who are equally quirky. Plus you the main character are automatically attracted to Colonel Sanders the second he enters the room.

Oh, and did I mention it plays on the classic slice of life, school romance trope and you ALL GO TO SCHOOL TOGETHER DESPITE COLONEL LOOKING LIKE AN OLD MAN STILL.

Either way, this game is getting great reviews and plenty of hilarious lets plays are coming out. Everyone is enjoying the extremely cheesy dialog and tropes. So far with an impressive 98% very positive reviews on steam just on the release day, clearly this game may be a massive parody on the popular dating sim genre but it’s winning the hearts of dating sim fans. 

You can get it on your phone and tablet as well if you can’t get it on a PC. The game features 9 characters, multiple hours of gameplay, a secret ending, battles (both cooking and actual combat) and obviously the romanceable Colonel Sanders. Just looking at the comments alone, I’ve never seen so many thumbs up and so many finger-lickin’ good references.

You can snag the game for FREE yeah you heard me. FREE. 

If you like the weird and hilarious I’d highly recommend giving it a try. Maybe get some fried chicken to really get in the mood and vibe with it.


  • Rebekah Pol
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