Last night in the middle of a pure demolishment of the Southern Miss Golden Eagles by our beloved UTSA Roadrunners some USM fans were getting a little peeved at me on twitter.
Essentially they were mad because I wouldn’t stop yelling during the game, stuff about our broadcast, and because they were getting bullied by the Roadrunners. They called me obnoxious, noisy, rude, dumb, and every other name you could think of, but if you even kind of know me you know that statements like these don’t bring me down and silence me, the rile me up.
When all this started, we had something of a 10 run lead on them, so at that point Me and the rest of the Bad Birds were more subdued than usual, the tweets started coming in, and the rest was history.
What happened next was a volley of screams and yells and chants so loud and in your face that the old Bleacher Creatures from Yankee stadium could’ve been rivaled.
Runners win, game ends, fight song, alma mater, let’s go to Whataburger.
Then the tweets started to flood in. It seems likje every USM fan and their mom had a twitter and was coming for our necks, but little did they know was that UTSA twitter is a family, and we stick by each other, and the overwhelmimg ammount support that we got last night from Alumni, current students, parents of players, and even some school officials was incredible.
The biggest tweet that got some steam over in the worst state in the union (Mississippi for those of you who didn’t know) was a PIRATED video of me yelling at USM’s pitcher that his shoes where untied captioned “No wonder UTSA has 10 fans at their baseball games, who would want to sit next to this guy?”
I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves
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