Jon Jones Arrested Again

by Preston Ekdahl

Originally I was going to be writing about Tiger King which being a proud owner of Netflix stock and hearing all the hoopla across social media I got around to watching and finishing it yesterday. However, I woke up to the news that current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones got arrested on a DWI and negligent gun charge. If anyone has followed Jon Jones career, you know this is not the first time this has happened to him. Back in May of 2012, Jon first got arrested for hitting a light pole in New York while driving under the influence where he was bailed out later that day. After defeating his biggest rival in Daniel Cormier at UFC 182, he got flagged in his pre-fight drug test for having a metabolite of cocaine in his system. He was tested right after and passed and admitted fault publicly. The next incident for Jon really raised some flags though.

April 27, 2015 was one of the worst days for Jon Jones career. Jon got in to a hit and run accident with a pregnant woman and immediately fled the scene. This happened only 4 months after the failed drug test after the Daniel Cormier fight. He eventually turned himself in to the police and was later stripped indefinitely of his title and not in the UFC. He came back the next year and was going to rematch Daniel Cormier at the biggest event in UFC history at the time in UFC 200 but yet again he failed another drug test and was removed from the card. Following multiple violations of USADA , he was suspended for 15 months and during this time, it had seemed as if he had his life in order. He went back to training and getting his mind and body right for his inevitable UFC return. Jon came back and looked as dominant as ever before in crushing Alexander Gustafsson via round 3 TKO. It had finally seemed that Jon was back to being himself, entirely focused and determined in stamping his claim as the greatest fighter in UFC history by taking out all the competition. Unfortunately life is not a fairy-tale and Jon was charged with battery after kissing a cocktail waitress against her will and physically grabbing her. He managed to get off after pleading not guilty. Once this happened, it seemed as if it was well known that Jon really hadn’t change at all which leads us to today.

On March 25th, 2020 Jon Jones was arrested yet again for a DWI around 1 AM in Albuquerque, New Mexico for allegedly blowing twice the legal limit in to a breathalyzer and failing a field sobriety test. Today he got charged with a DWI, negligent use of a handgun, driving without insurance and possession of an open container which was said to be Jorge Masvidal’s own brand of liquor. If I am Dana White, I would not let this guy fight again. This is issue after issue with him and he just doesn’t seem to learn. I am sure he is going to find God yet again and claim to be a changed man but eventually one must say enough is enough. I will keep following this story and continue to keep you updated as more details emerge because as of now, things are not looking great for the GOAT.


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